GYC 2019 Theme Song

Our Prince’s Call

1 Samuel 14:6

Verse: 1

There’s a lost, lonely soul waiting silent at war
For a rescue to come to the door.
Many could go but I only know
The name of that one lonely soul.


Oh can you hear our Prince calling on before,
“Let us go and restore
The broken hearted, the wounded, the captives of war.
Will you bear My shield of faith once more?”

Verse: 2

Many more are the souls who are bound up in fear
As they run through the dark far and near.
Though I will fight, just one ends the night,
Our Prince who carries the light.

Verse: 3

To that lost lonely soul I will go and will share
All their cries, all their fears, all their prayers.
For it’s been told, my Prince he does hold
The tears of that one lonely soul.

Chorus: 2x