Burning or Burnt Out?

We’ve heard sermons encouraging us to “let your light shine,” we’ve been singing it from childhood, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…” But we rarely talk about the common struggle to shine our lights and burn for the Lord when we are burnt out. Join us for a 5-part series to learn practical tools from the Bible to overcome burnout, depression, and anxiety. Learn how to revitalize your mental health, re-experience joy, and to let your light break forth!

Session 1

Don’t Let Satan Blow It Out

How does Satan blow out our lights? And how do we ensure to not let him? In part 1, we will answer these questions by exploring and understanding the mental health crisis we are currently living in, the role Satan plays in this crisis, and the solution God provides for this crisis so we can burn instead of burnout!

Session 2

Fuel to the Fire

When struggling with depression, anxiety, burnout, et cetera we are often taught that the main cause and culprit are our emotions. We then try to ignore, suppress, and “pray away” our feelings. If you’ve ever done this, you recognize that these strategies are fuel to the fire. Your emotions get worse and can lead to further burn out! In part 2, we will be looking at Satan’s versus God’s view of emotions and learn practical coping skills to manage our emotions!

Session 3

Hide It Under a Bushel

Ever wonder what “hide it under a bushel” practically means? When it comes to our mental health, it often takes the form of unhealthy life choices (e.g. overeating, social media, etc.). Not only can these behaviors be a result of burnout, but they contribute to further burnout. In part 3, we will be looking at how certain behaviors impact our mental health and lead to hiding our lights, and how to overcome those habits and addictions!

Session 4

Feel the Burn

You may have heard it said, “Change is difficult, not changing is fatal.” It is true that change is difficult and even painful at times. But would you rather continue to feel the burnout or feel the burn of change and growth? Join us for part 4 to learn one of the most difficult mental health skills and God’s most utilized tool for mental and emotional healing!

Session 5

Burn Your Bridges

Do you find yourself repeatedly trying to change? Only to find yourself back in the same place shortly after? It is possible that there are bridges to your past that need to be burned to have complete liberty from depression, anxiety, burnout. Join us for our last seminar to explore what these bridges are, how they prevent us from letting our lights shine, and learn one final crucial tool (the most necessary of them all) so you can be burning for the Lord instead of burnt out!

K'dee Elsen

Dr. K’dee Elsen is a licensed Clinical Psychologist at Beautiful Minds Medical in Northern California. After work hours, she enjoys sharing the gospel in diverse ways, including through public speaking, teaching and supervising aspiring counseling students, hosting a mental health podcast (“The Brain People”), and hosting a YouTube series on mental health and the Bible (MANNA Ministry: “Truth Prescriptions”). Her ultimate joy is sharing how the truth of a compassionate God can heal our broken world, lives and hearts.