Interactive Study

Isaiah 58... But Deeper

In this interactive study, we will explore Isaiah 58 together in a way that the Holy Spirit can provide insights far beyond what we could share from our personal study. But we will discover no less than: how religiosity covers evil, true fasting, intuitive religion, the sabbath and heights to which Jesus wants to take us individually and as a people.

Session 1

Religious & Ratchet

Behind closed doors, we converse about how those who seem the most religious outwardly commit the grossest evils. But why? And what does God want us to do about it?

Session 2

Not So Fast

Fasting is a lost spiritual discipline in our modern world. We have no problem celebrating its health benefits through intermittent fasting techniques, but what about its spiritual power? What are we really missing?

Session 3

You Already Know

Many of us try to navigate spiritual life through our intuition rather than the word of God. The feelings of guilt and shame that plague us typically stem from a lack of reflection upon what God has already revealed.

Session 4

Raising Up Foundations

Isaiah 58 has the times in which we are now living in view. The idea of being that generation that can be used to restore the foundations of generations past may inspire you with renewed purpose and zeal for Christ.

Session 5

Delighting in the Lord

One missionary once said, “The purpose of the church is worship not missions. Missions exist because worship does not.” We often find that the greatest threat to our relationship with Jesus is our service to Him. Come and explore what it means to not just serve the Lord but delight in Him!

Sebastien Braxton

Sebastien Braxton is a UX Designer, international speaker and a serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of Luminate, a mobile app that curates audio mediational experiences through the writings of Ellen White. He is the founder of Fiat Lux, a creative design agency that consults with faith-based organizations to leverage technology for the gospel. His recent passion project has been The New Life Challenge, a mobile app that helps communities pursue their health goals together in a fun way. He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.

Callie Buruchara

Callie Buruchara is a Software Engineer, international speaker, and writer. She especially enjoys sharing alongside her husband David on their weekly podcast, Down to Earth with the Burucharas, where they discuss how to create and maintain meaningful and fulfilling relationships. Her favorite thing is watching people fall in love with Jesus as they behold His love for them.