Missional Business

It’s time to make our passion our profession. Do you dream of starting a ministry? A business? We believe that business and religion are not two separate things, they are one. And God’s work will not be finished until we figure out how to use them together! Come learn how to launch your own missional venture and share the love of Jesus through business.

Session 1

The Great Break Up: Business and Religion

It’s a crime, really. Two that God intended should never be torn asunder have been relegated to opposite sides of the sacred/secular divide. Did you know that we’ll never finish the work until business and religion get back together? Find out why innovative business is essential to fulfilling the gospel commission and gain a vision for what it looks like.

Session 2

Break Forth and Innovate: The 7 P’s of Building a Successful Venture

How do business and religion work together to produce successful enterprises? What does it take to build a solid business? Find out the essential building blocks for a truly innovative, missional, and viable venture in this practical session.

Session 3

Breaking In: Christ’s Method of Marketing

Jesus? Marketing? Those are not two words we generally put together. But in this session you’ll find out how Christ’s method of reaching people actually holds the keys to successful marketing. Find out how to use them to truly meet needs and expand your reach.

Session 4

The Break Down: How to Successfully Pitch your Missional Business

It’s one thing to have a great idea. It’s another to be able to share it with others in a way that’s compelling and garners the support your business needs. Together we’ll learn how to pitch your missional business and what investors and supporters looks for. Whether you’re hoping to have your idea heard by a top-tier venture capitalist or your local pastor, this session is for you.

Session 5

The Pitch!

It’s time! The culmination of this seminar track will be watching YOU pitch your business ideas! Selected participants will get to pitch their businesses to a panel of experienced business mentors and judges. Want to come to just watch and hear the inspiring ideas? Come! The audience and judges will together choose a winner who will receive $1,000 toward their missional business.

To apply to pitch, please click here.

Michelle Doucoumes

Michelle Doucoumes has been part of the Hyve International team since 2018. She is an associate professor of business and the coordinator of the Institute of Ethical Leadership at Southern Adventist University. Michelle loves helping others reach their potential and pursue their passions in innovative service. Her mixed background in business and evangelism has shown her the beautiful potential of binding both together.

Klinger Lurentt

Klinger Lurentt, theologian graduated from the Adventist University in São Paulo, has been a full time and a student Literature Evangelist for many years. He has helped Adventist Pioneer Library for almost a decade, and in the last couple of years he has worked in sales and digital marketing in the secular business in Colombia. His joy has been in ministry, and that is why he has joined Hyve to help Adventist business owners to thrive as they venture to win souls for the Kingdom of God.