Our Desperate Need of the Spirit is Now!

Our world is getting worse fast. There is not a lot of time left before Jesus comes. Christ’s followers need the Holy Spirit NOW, and the world needs Spirit-filled disciples NOW. Jesus’ gift for His church was the Holy Spirit.

Session 1

Why Haven't We Finished The Work?

We could have gone home a hundred years ago. Why are we still here? A history of the Adventist experience will help us understand that.

Session 2

What is the True Baptism of the Spirit?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the baptism of the Spirit. Getting a true biblical perspective is critical to allowing the Spirit to work fully in our lives.

Session 3

The Difference Jesus Makes

Do we receive Jesus and then later receive the Spirit? What is the truth? What different does it make to receive the Spirit of Jesus in our hearts?

Session 4

Praying in the Spirit

What does “praying in the Spirit” mean? Prayer in the Spirit is the most basic missing ingredient in the lives of many believers and many churches. Power awaits for the asking.

Session 5

The Latter Rain and Isaiah 58

Isaiah 58 is about true fasting. What is it? And how is the Sabbath related to this? Is there a message we’ve been ignoring in our Great Commission to the world?

Ron Clouzet

Dr. Ron Clouzet is currently the pastor of the East Ridge SDA Church in Tennessee. Previously, he was Ministerial Director at the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, Ministerial Director at the North American Division, Director of the NAD Evangelism Institute, and professor of ministry at both Southern Adventist University and the Seminary at Andrews University. He’s published a number of books on the Holy Spirit, on prayer, on Chrisitian apologetics, and on Bible prophecy.