Abuse: Bruised But Not Broken

Abuse in all its forms (emotional, physical, sexual, etc) bruise us and those we love. In this seminar series we will be taking a closer look at these wounds, identifying what they consist of, how they are impacting our daily lives and relationships and discover ways to heal them for good.

Session 1

Naked, Covered, & Unashamed

The irony of abuse is that we are often hurt in the very spaces where we opened ourselves to be loved. In this seminar, we uncover the darkness of shame that stays with us long after abuse and how the light of God’s love permits us to engage with our story and begin the journey of healing.

Session 2

Beyond Me

Abuse isn’t just against one, but against us all. In this seminar we will explore how the effects of abuse ripple through the relationships in our lives and how we can heal together.

Session 3

Healing On Purpose

When impacted by abuse, it can feel like you’re destined to live in a constant state of brokenness and grief. In this seminar, I will share my own personal testimony discussing my experiences with abuse, as well as tools that can help us move from simply coping with life, to living life healed.

Session 4

Q&A Part 1

Got questions? We hopefully have answers. In this session, David, Tamara and Candis will share their perspectives on your given issue. Questions can be submitted anonymously.

Submit Your Questions

Session 5

Q&A Part 2

Got questions? We hopefully have answers. In this session, David, Tamara and Candis will share their perspectives on your given issue. Questions can be submitted anonymously.

David Buruchara

Raised as a 3rd generation Adventist in East Africa, David’s faith was nominal until God transformed his life through public campus ministries while obtaining a business degree at the University of Michigan. He has been involved in ministry ever since, sharing God’s love with young people in various capacities over the past decade. His greatest passion is exploring the intersection of mental health and biblical faith. He is currently pursuing a license in counseling psychology. David lives with his wife, Callie, in Virginia (USA) and together they host the “Down To Earth with the Burucharas” podcast where they talk about relationships.

Candis Braxton

Candis Braxton is a Licensed Marriage and Family Associate Therapist (LMFT-A) serving clients across the state of North Carolina via her private practice, Accrescent PLLC. Candis also serves as a Mental Health Mentor through FiatLux Consulting LLC helping youth and young professionals navigate mental health challenges. She is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) where she received further training as a MFP-Youth fellow in innovative approaches to dealing with substance abuse and trauma in youth as they transition to adulthood. Candis enjoys working with clients who desire a more spiritually connected and Bible-centered therapeutic experience in their care and finds therapy to be a powerful tool that helps us cooperate with God’s mission to restore us back into His image. Candis enjoys belly laughing with her husband, Sebastien, singing with her kids and eating kimchi with friends.

Tamara Conway

Tamara Conway is Grief Recovery Specialist with Stamena4Life, and has served as a Life/Relationship Coach for over 15 years. She has been married to her husband, Steven for over 21 years and they share 4 amazing kids ranging in age from 11 to 20 yrs old. Her greatest joys have been serving along side her husband in pastoral ministry and share their journey of growth and healing from sharing on topics centered around overcoming her on experiences with childhood trauma, sexual abuse and many other dysfunctions. Ultimately, sharing the truth around the power of the gospel to help us heal on purpose.