Medical Mission Work

Session 1

Won by One!

Inspiration tells us that “There is no greater bliss on this side of Heaven than in…” doing this one thing! Are you experiencing “bliss” on a daily basis? Are you satisfied and fulfilled with your life or struggling to find joy and happiness? I’ve experienced a lot of exciting and blissful things in my life and I can attest to the veracity of this quote and nothing compares! If you are looking to be inspired, encouraged, and would like to learn practical tools on how to experience “…no greater bliss on this side of Heaven…” You won’t want to miss out on this presentation!

Session 2

Undo Heavy Burdens

In this seminar we’ll explore the historical background of the times of Isaiah as well as the call on God’s people to be a light to surrounding nations through light on health and holiness.

Session 3

The Bloody Nose That Healed London

The state of the dead, the role of the Levites, and medical ministry all share a similar foundational undergirding. It is this same undergirding that has inspired many in our church to live this God-given message of health and wholeness and to show it to the world next door. In a generation growing evermore concerned with its own message of health and wholeness, the Adventist is challenged to return to Scripture and the prophetic writ asking the simple question “what is the gospel according to this message?”

Session 4

Live out Love - Practical Tips and Ideas on How to Live Out Isaiah 58 to Help and Reach Others for Jesus

Did you know the term “Medical Missionary Work” was used by Ellen White to mean ALL acts of disinterested benevolence? That means ALL acts of loving, unselfish service for others is included in the term Medical Missionary Work. And this unselfish service for others is not to be separated from the Third Angel’s Message. That means you and I, whatever our occupation, are called not only to speak about Jesus, His love, and soon return, but also our characters and actions should also live out His love. Come and get some practical ideas on how you can live out Isaiah 58 to be a blessing as you help and reach those around you for Christ.

Session 5

Panel Discussion

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Calvin Kim

Calvin Kim is a dentist from Olympia, WA and enjoys spending time with his wife Amy and their two daughters, Charis and Caia. His passion is ministry and currently serves as the VP of Evangelism for ASI. He is the co-founder of ARME Bible Camp and F5 Challenge. Dr. Kim believes that everything we do for others while worthwhile is only provisional, but connecting them to Jesus is eternal! His motto in life: One life to live, One life to give!

Stephen Waterbrook

I’m married to Katie and have 3 children. I’m a general surgeon missionary to Grass Valley, CA. I’ve also been involved with GYC from the beginning, as well as AMEN, and Advent HOPE. I have a passion for the Right Arm of the Gospel and secular campus ministries.

Mark Quion

Mark is a student at Loma Linda University School of Medicine. He is currently completing his second year in preparation for his first board exam. He completed his Religion/Pre-Med undergrad courses at Weimar and Andrews Universities. He enjoys cooking, running, and the occasional game of pickle ball. Most important of all, Mark is a seeker. He seeks to know truth according to Scripture, and to walk according to that truth inspired daily by the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Grace Lee

I am a wife of a church planter for Chinese living in the US, a mother of a 3 year old, licensed social worker, and someone who is passionate about being Jesus’ hands and feet especially in reaching those with non-Christian or non-religious backgrounds.