Recharge: Finding Your Safe Place

Rest has become a hot commodity in our restless age. People pay hefty sums to participate in workshops and seminars to find rest. Therapists and counselors diagnose an increasing sense of restlessness and disconnectedness from ourselves and from the people around us. This seminar invites you to actively explore the profound biblical concept of rest. So, come, let go of restlessness, pride, struggle, and strife, and surrender to the health, the rhythm, and the restoration of true rest in Christ.

Session 1

The Root of Restlessness

In this interactive session we will discover the surprising root causes of restlessness affecting our self-worth and worldview. We will also explore the most effective ways to find true rest.

Session 2

Restless Family Ties

Scripture’s faith heroes didn’t always have ideal relationships. Relationship problems can leave us restless, hurt, and carrying loads of emotional baggage. Discover a biblical path to finding rest and avoiding becoming conduits of pain and dysfunction for those we love.

Session 3

Rhythms of Rest

In our chaotic “anything goes” world of nonstop connection and action, rest often evades us. Learning to connect to God’s rhythms can bring profound rest and belonging in all areas of life.

Session 4

Longing for More

Tired of just surviving? How do we learn to thrive, instead of just making it from one emergency to the next? Discover God’s blueprint for living life to the full.

Session 5

The Ultimate Rest

With anxiety and depression on the rise, how do we keep our focus when everything seems to be going from bad to worse? How do we find rest as we face troubling times and scary end time scenarios?

Gerald and Chantal Klingbeil

Gerald and Chantal Klingbeil enjoy walking, languages, cross-cultural encounters, and creative people. They spent more than 15 years as professors at Adventist universities in South America and Asia, and both currently serve at the General Conference. Gerald is an associate editor of Adventist Review Ministries, while Chantal serves as an associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate. Gerald was born and raised in Germany and earned a doctorate in ancient Near Eastern studies at Stellenbosch University in South Africa in 1995. Chantal was born in Cape Town, South Africa, and has just completed her Ph.D. in linguistics. They enjoy team-preaching and -teaching and co-wrote an Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide and companion volume focusing on Resting in Christ. More than anything else, having their three young adult daughters walk with Jesus is their greatest joy.