The Dragon of The Adventist Church

The Creators of Lineage Journey and The Why They Did That Podcast come together to share their experiences in Digital Ministry; the pitfalls, the breakthroughs and an opportunity to win actual money to kickstart your own digital ministry!

Session 1

The Dragon of The Adventist Church: Why Adventism Has Failed Online

Looking at the digital history of Adventism, and how we went from the pioneers of visual presentations to the dragon’s of design. Also sharing experiences of people and ministries who have done things well, and the keys to their design success.

Session 2

Bel, The Dragon & Digital Design: How Digital Idols Shackle Innovation

Using the Apocryphal story of Daniel 14 (Very loosely, and tongue in cheek – nothing theological – basically an analogy) to show that when we put our faith in things that do not work and are not God/God inspired, we are destined to be mocked and not taken seriously – especially in the design world.

Session 3

Damsel In Distress: Rescuing Digital Design from the Dragon’s Lair

Principals in design, how to take the amazingly powerful adventist message and package it in a way that will be attractive to listeners new and old.

Session 4

How to Train A Dragon: Unshackling Adventist Creatives - Both

Practical training on how to effectively share adventism online. Sharing powerful testimonies of Adventist Creatives and how they have helped influence Adventist design. Giving people design tips to create their own digital ministry.

Session 5

Dragon’s Den: Kickstarting Your Digital Ministry

A panel of judges will gather together to evaluate ministry ideas put forth by the audience.

Dean Cullinane

Dean Cullinane is currently Vice-Principal and Boy’s Dean at Weimar Academy, where he lives with his wife Dorling, and their 1-year-old son, Wolfgang. Dean was raised Catholic and grew up in London England, where he found the Lord and was baptised as a Seventh-Day Adventist in 2010. Dean moved to Weimar to get his degree in Theology and has lived in California with his family since 2016. Dean is also the creator and host of The “Why They Did That” Podcast.

Clive Coutet

Clive Coutet is the Media Director at Weimar University, which includes Weimar College, Weimar Academy and the NEWSTART Lifestyle Program. He is also the Co-Founder and Media Director of Lineage Journey, a ministry geared towards producing multi-faceted educational resources that aim to make history both relevant and accessible to people of all ages. Clive is also the Co-Founder of an exciting new audio app called LuminateApp. This is a mobile app designed to curate the writings of Ellen White through an amazing audio experience of diverse voices, playlists, artwork, and languages. When he is not on set, he enjoys playing football (soccer), hiking, skiing and spending quality time with his family. Clive is married to Charlene and resides in California with their four children, Anaiya, Téo, Azario and Rémiro.