3 Examples of Reading Plans

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This post is the second in a two-part series on reading plans.  Read Part 1, “3 Reasons to Be On a Reading Plan,” here.

1. One group of friends used Facebook to create accountability networks for spiritual goals she set for herself.  Read Josephine’s blog post to read about the experience you too can have with a reading plan.

2.  Dedicating time to reading Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy is life changing, as attendees heard during the offering appeal on Sabbath morning during this last GYC. Watch this clip to hear an awesome story of a flight attendant from Dubai who implemented the reading plan in her own life and at her church.

3.  Your local church is also a fantastic place to create excitement for reading through the Bible. A few years ago a new member at the Fallbrook Seventh-day Adventist Church in southern California, where Jeff currently pastors, sensed his need to be in the Word and Spirit of Prophecy. He teamed up with the church’s Bible worker and developed a plan to get the entire church started reading together at the beginning of the new year.

The response was enormous. Around 150 church members signed up and announcements were made each month encouraging people to continue spending time with God. People would periodically meet and pray about what they were reading and there was a sense of revival and an increase in participation in prayer meetings and evangelism.

Sisters Ann Elise, age 13, and Emily, age 12, read through the Conflict of the Ages series for the first time and were incredibly blessed.

Emily said, “Being on a reading plan made me wake up early to read and two years later it is still something I do today!”  Ann Elise commented, “Trying to do it regularly with family was a challenge but made me want to read the stories in the Bible again.”

The Fallbrook Church was gracious enough to share with GYC one of its reading plans, “Getting to Know Jesus,” which focuses on reading through the New Testament, the Desire of Ages and Steps to Christ. Through a generous donation by ColorPress, attendees in Orlando received printed copies of the reading plan. A copy of the plan is also available for download here.

The Spirit of GYC underscores the importance of Bible study and reading the Spirit of Prophecy in our lives. Connecting with other people helps make that aspiration a reality. Whether it’s through a local church project, a Facebook group, or just an individual committing to increasing the amount of time with God each day, we each need to spend time in getting to know our dearest Friend and Savior, Jesus Christ, in a deeper and more intimate way.

We encourage you to make this commitment and start spending time with Jesus today!