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6 Reasons to Start a Soul-Winning Small Group

1.  Small group ministry is the Biblical way
“And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favour with all the people.  And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved” (Acts 2:46-27).

Acts 2:46-47 summarises the outcome of the early rain experience. The change upon the disciples was not a name change, but instead a change of focus. House to house small group ministry for evangelism became central to the life of the church, not peripheral or optional.

What if your church’s AY or vespers program was transformed to become outward-focussed?

Photo credit: Jason Wong

Photo credit: Jason Wong

2.  Learn to be a balanced, healthy, winsome Christian
Does being involved in evangelistic small group ministry really result in in lower stress, higher self-esteem, an increased likelihood of healthy lifestyle choices, and improved academic and work performance? Definitely. There is increasing evidence demonstrating that altruism—doing something good for others when there is no chance of a reward—correlates with a rise in emotional intelligence (EQ).

When we invest our time, resources, energy and efforts in sharing the gospel one-on-one in a small group setting with no hope of any foreseeable return, we instead gain the biggest blessing of all for ourselves—directly from the Giver of intelligence. Those long nights of prayer, the meticulous Bible study preparation, and sacrifice of your dorm room or house for a weekly small group will result in more than you ever imagined.

3.  Experience the greatest joy
In His infinite love He has granted men the privilege of becoming partakers of the divine nature, and, in their turn, of diffusing blessings to their fellow-men. This is the highest honor, the greatest joy, that it is possible for God to bestow upon men (RH Dec. 6, 1887).

We will never experience anything else like it—the joy of personally leading a soul to Christ. Although the road is never without bumps, the joy and satisfaction that lies at the end of the tunnel is like none other.

Small group ministry provides this opportunity day-in, day-out. The entire reason for these communities is to introduce souls to Jesus. Unless experienced personally, will remain something only a distant ideal from the pastor’s pulpit.

Photo credit: Jason Wong

Photo credit: Jason Wong

4.  Revival for mission
The inspired prophet tells a story of a man freezing to death in deep snow, who as he was losing consciousness, heard the moans of a nearby traveller. Realising he too was in a similar state, he made it his sole purpose to save the other man. Upon finding him, he rubbed his frozen limbs in an attempt to warm him before struggling to carry him to safety of a warm place. Only then did the truth dawn on him that in saving his fellow traveller, he had saved himself from freezing to death (Testimonies for the Church 4, 319).

By reaching out to others who are struggling against the attractions of the world, we in turn revive ourselves from the lukewarmness of sitting in the pews. There is no better place to do that then in a small group—where you can share, care, and bear for those around you.

Photo credit: Jason Wong

Photo credit: Jason Wong

5.  Belong then believe
A soul-winning small group provides a neutral and non-confrontational setting to introduce seekers to Jesus. It’s not a social club for church members or a weekly Bible study—it’s so much more.

In a small group, you remove the negative connotations with religion and the stigma associated with a church that many often (mistakenly) hold. A small group is an opportunity to simply build a loving community and family that reflects Christ around each individual.

As distinct and often testing truths—part of “counting the cost” of following Christ—are introduced, the encouragement and support of a small group church family can make the journey easier to bear.

Photo credit: Jason Wong

Photo credit: Jason Wong

6.  Always relevant
When it comes to small groups, there is no such thing as too young or too old. Loving, Christ-like community is relevant and needed at any age and stage in life. Start a small group right where you are: for young professionals, for mothers, for college students, for prison cells, for co-workers.

Want to start your own soul-winning small group?  Here are a few resources:

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