Participant Testimonies:

“Attending GYC for the first time has been the biggest blessing [of my] life and I look forward to the next one. I had such a great time and learnt a lot from all the sermons and seminars attended.
The morning prayer meetings were my favourite part of GYC. I always looked forward to waking up, singing, praising and praying to God in a room full of people who love him as much as I do. The presences of the Lord was definitely there. I had come to GYC never planning on going to the outreach programme on Sunday afternoon but going to the morning pray held on Sunday morning, I felt the presence of the lord and the holy spirit come down in that room. This made me feel selfish for not wanting to go out to share his message. I remember praying [and] asking God to help me. I ended up going despite my lack of confidence and shyness of speaking to new people and it turned out to be the best experience. I now look forward to pushing myself outside my comfort zone to spread Gods love and the gospel.”Malungo Naali, 2018
“Before I became Adventist I went to GYC. It was 11 years ago and I had come to try out the church through friendship evangelism. I had never heard of Seventh-day Adventists or their message, but had strayed from my own non-denominational church and was willing to hang out and get to know new Christian people. In addition to participating in sports/healthy activities, going to the student led Bible studies, and having game nights, I was invited to attend the GYC Conference. I had no idea what it was or what it meant to the church, but agreed to go. GYC is where I was convinced about the Sabbath truth. Never had I witnessed so many people, in one place, who all believed the same biblical truths and were willing to give up their Saturdays for God. The uncompromising, yet loving witness of all those people truly tipped the scales for me. I knew then, from the bible and actually witnessing truth in action, that Saturday is truly the Sabbath and decided after that to study further and join the Seventh-day Adventist church. GYC is a past and present blessing.”Reo Ferguson, 2018
“GYC 2017 Arise has been my second time ever going to GYC and it was truly a neat experience. I felt in my heart as if I wasn’t close enough to Christ and that I was lacking faith and trust in the lord. And at the end of the Plenary’s when the speaker would ask for people to come up, I went up because I know that God has a plan in store for me, its just that I needed to give my all to him.So I went and it was AMAZING the experience renewed my spirit and it has truly blessed my family and I and we hope, God willing to attend GYC again in Houston Texas.”Axel Diaz, 2017
“I went to GYC wavering spiritually and not committed to Christ, but the messages there, especially those by Jason Sliger, convinced me to commit my life to God. Before this year’s GYC, I have asked questions my whole life, such as, “What is faith?” but GYC answered those questions satisfactorily. I want to encourage you not to be weary in well-doing. My life has been changed because I heard the truth about sanctification and the investigative judgment, and how God expects us to live up to a standard of perfection. May God bless your efforts and I know that many of my friends were revitalized at this year’s conference as well.”Caleb Howard, 2016 + SAU Accent Article
“Lives are changed here; I know that eleven years ago at my first GYC, the course of my life was radically changed from a life of service of my own interests to a life focused on service for God.”Scott Sterling, Dec. 31, 2016
“Going to GYC was a beyond amazing experience ! When I first heard about it I was like ,”eh, ok I’ll go”, but now that I have actually gone God has opened my eyes up to so much. GYC 2014 Orlando was my first experience and I couldn’t wait until the next GYC before that one was even over! But even though these conferences are amazing and help a striving christian not feel alone, I’m looking forward to the time where GYC will be over! When we will have an eternal meeting heaven! No more good byes, no more pain, it’ll all be gone. These messages that are preached at GYC are amazing and I feel closer to Christ! Gods waiting for us His people, and His message to be preached to all the world!”Cheyna Ashe, Aug. 14, 2014
“A very inspiring sight to be around so many young people on fire for the Lord. Listening to speakers giving enlightening messages…and going out in droves to do outreach in the communities surrounding the convention center of whatever city GYC is in… amazing and definitely worth going and participating in!”Carolyn Hayes, March 15, 2014
“This was my first time attending gyc. I loved it. I learned sooo much. My spiritual life will never be the same. I’m already planning on going to the next one. The speakers were awesome. The bond was great and outreach was an experience that I enjoyed. Never seen so many seventh day adventist in one place. Just awesome!”Jennelle Heston, Jan. 8, 2014


“For the last ten years I have had the opportunity to pray with, study scripture and provide counsel to the GYC leadership team. As I have spoken at numerous GYC events and interacted with the thousands of young people attending the Annual Convention, I have been deeply impressed with the spiritual atmosphere, their commitment to Christ, scripture, mission and the Adventist message. I highly recommend GYC to young people seeking to know Christ better, understand the Word more deeply, and develop a passion for mission.”Mark Finley
“GYC should be a must for any young adult serious about a deeper relationship with Jesus and a life dedicated to reaching others with the good news of the gospel. Every GYC convention to date has resulted in lives won to Christ and altered for eternity. This year will be no different!”John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director, It is Written
“Janet and I believe our Lord is raising up that Elijah movement of young people He has promised just before He comes! (Malachi 4:5,6) We see it all around the world and our experience with GYC as a part of that movement has always been so positive! It is a supportive ministry of this SDA church and its influence has become global, spawning many other young adult ministries also very supportive of the mission and message of our movement!”Jerry Page, Secretary, General Conference Ministerial Association