New GYC Executive Committee Members Announced During Evening Plenary Session

On December 30, 2023, the newly reorganized GYC executive committee was announced during the evening plenary session.  Vice President for Logistics Kelsey Unruh, a cardiac sonographer based in Florida, will move to the executive secretary position, which Hannah Klingbeil vacated following this year’s convention. Anna Wood, a labor and delivery nurse based in the Minneapolis-Saint […]

“But If Not” GYC Convention Brings Nearly 4,000 Young Adventists to Portland

In 2023, Olivia Forster made a decision: she wanted to get out and be around more youth. She had been raised Seventh-day Adventist, but as a 26-year-old based in rural Wagener, South Carolina (population 767), she didn’t have many young people—especially Adventists—to associate with. She had heard about GYC in the past but never attended. […]

Speakers Call GYC Attendees to Scripture, Mission

During the divine service and evening plenary on Saturday, December 30th, speakers offered powerful messages for the over 4,000 people who gathered on the last full day of the 2023 GYC conference in Portland, Oregon.  The speaker for the divine service, Jermaine Gayle, Senior Pastor of the University Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Lansing, Michigan, […]

New “Afterglow” Sessions Bring People Together

Afterglow, a new feature of this year’s GYC convention, has been enthusiastically embraced by teen and young adult attendees. Led by Stephen and Felecia Lee every evening at 9 p.m., the unique meeting has helped everyone shake off their nervousness and get to know one another through a variety of icebreakers, games, and a small […]

Volunteers of GYC: Continuing the Legacy

The first moment that someone enters GYC, their interactions are with volunteers. Cheyna Ashe, GYC volunteer coordinator, emphasized their vital importance. “The conference literally could not run without them,”  she said.  Only some have an official position. Except for outside logistical contractors and one year-round support staff member, everyone who is a GYC staff member […]

Thousands Reached Through GYC Evangelism Projects

Friday, December 29, began like all days at GYC do. United Prayer first, then breakfast, and then the morning devotional. There was even a seminar thrown in after the morning devotional. But the highlight of the day—outreach—began at 11:15 a.m. In a departure from longstanding tradition, five separate groups with varying mandates gathered to tackle […]

Address Essential Biblical Topics

Thursday, December 29, brought forth a full day of seminars at GYC. 15 speakers addressed topics such as Bible study, relationships, trauma recovery, and “biblical womanhood and manhood.” Most meetings were well attended—leading room hosts to stop accepting more people just minutes after the seminar period began. Biblical Womanhood: God’s Love Does Not Discriminate Dr. […]

Ministries and Diversity Highlighted in GYC Exhibit Hall

What would GYC be without the exhibit hall?  Every year, GYC provides a space in the convention center for ministries to share how they are serving Jesus with the attendees. This year, just under 100 booths are on display. In addition to demonstrating the focus of various ministries, the booths showcase the variety and diversity […]

Music At GYC: What Is New This Year

GYC conferences would be incomplete without music. It is an integral part of the conference experience. This year is no exception. 96 people have registered this year for choir, and an additional 40 have registered for orchestra. In total, an estimated 136 attendees are participating in music on Sabbath. This year’s repertoire brings some exciting […]

Praise, Confession, and Petition

GYC’s early risers gathered in the Oregon Ballroom at 6 a.m. Thursday morning to open the first United Prayer of the weekend. Though the session was set to begin at 6:15 a.m., the room was almost filled to capacity by 6:20 a.m.  Young and young at heart sat on the carpeted floor, either cross-legged in […]