What You Need To Know at GYC

Over 3,000 people have converged upon Portland for the 2023 GYC convention. Themed “But If Not,” this iteration of the annual gathering will challenge attendees to prioritize their spirituality and stand firm in their beliefs despite when “even those closest to us are constantly questioning us.” As GYC roars to a start, The GYC Record […]

GYC President Asks Participants During Keynote: “Why Are We Here?”

On Wednesday, December 27, the opening night of the 2023 GYC convention in Portland, GYC President Andrew Park posited a question during his opening keynote address: “Why are we here?” The question, which he returned to multiple times throughout his 50-minute sermon, served as the foundation for his message and several other questions he asked […]


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Adventist Young Professionals

Adventist Young Professionals exist to foster Christ-centered community through faith development, authentic connections, and ministry engagement.