Activate - Find Your Calling, Fuel Your Passion, Fulfill Your Dreams

The Activate workbook is designed to help you identify, plan, and execute the goals God is calling you to achieve - in your personal life, spiritual life, and in service to Him. Each chapter involves activities for study and reflection. This workbook will help you identify how you can use your God-given gifts, interests, and passion to fulfill your dreams in a holistic, Biblically oriented way.

       Have you ever felt stuck, going nowhere and unable to get motivated? GYC has developed “Activate,” a simple and practical workbook to get you off dead center and take you step by step to find your passion, fuel your calling and fulfill your dreams. No more excuses for wasting time and not chasing your dreams and making a difference in life as we all prepare for the soon return of Jesus!

Dan Serns
Evangelism Director,
Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

       With short chapters and engaging questions, Activate gets right to the point, challenging and engaging this generation to discover and implement God’s plan for their lives.

Bill Krick
Literature Ministries Director,
Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists