Bursting out of Your Comfort Zone

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The greatest places in life often exist outside our comfort zones. Have you ever witnessed a geyser bursting up into the air? Geysers are caused by boiling heat and pressure that build up and form a beautiful attraction for all to see. When God’s passion is inside, like the pressure that forms a geyser, you cannot keep it in. Coming to Iceland for the GYC mission trip this year was definitely a life-changing experience for me where I truly let go and let God burst out through me.

On a particularly cloudy day, dozens of doors were slammed in my face block after block. “Oh, Christian? God? No, thank you.” The same rejections over and over discouraged me almost to the point of giving up. I remember praying to God, “Please Lord, let this last street be different.” Right after I prayed, a religious woman opened her door and actually prayed for me! The people I met after that opened their hearts with a reception and willingness to let me pray with them. God is good. Later, I met an older lady picking berries who did not regard me much at first. She took some GLOW tracts and then I walked away. To my surprise, she followed me to the next street and asked for a few more to give to her friends.

On the final day of GLOW and prayer outreach, I set a goal of giving out 1,000 GLOW tracts. Not only did God more than double that goal, but three business allowed me to leave piles of the health tracts for their elderly clients. What a huge blessing! Acts 1:8 states, “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” I ultimately pray that God will continue to take me out of my comfort zone in service for others. We all need an unexpected geyser experience. The greatest places in life often exist outside our comfort zones. However, it is in these places where we truly reach the end of ourselves in order that we might go to the end for God’s glory.

Marselinny Mawuntu, USA
GYC Missionary to Iceland, 2019

Marselinny (Elin) Mawuntu studies at Wildwood Health Institute for the medical missionary training program, studying health evangelism. She has traveled to many places within the U.S. and abroad, passionate about missions in sharing God’s love. Through His guidance and revival in her life, she is looking forward, prayerfully, to what God has in store for her next in the future.

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