Not Enough

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“… For we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men.” 1 Corintians 4:9b. 2014 was ushered in with five blessed days at our last conference in Orlando. I can’t think of a better way to have started the New Year than seeking the Lord, studying the Word, and worshiping together with many of you. …

Wounds of A Whisperer

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Atul Gawande, a well-known American author and medical doctor, released a book sometime ago in which he tells a story of various doctors descending upon endemic-stricken India in a race against time.  A polio endemic was rapidly spreading.  Due to the enormous population and geographical area that each doctor had to cover, time was of the essence in each case.  …

In Rome

In Rome

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The following is a short email Jeff Marshall (Vice President of Evangelism) sent to the GYC Executive Committee on March 13: I cant sleep. Im in Rome. I keep thinking about you all, us, GYC, our purpose, our possibilities etc. My dad and I were standing between the obelisk and St. Peter’s basilica tonight. The crowd seemed to be mostly …

2013 Challenge

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For the past couple years, I’ve wanted a “preaching Bible”. One that lays open well, is small enough to be held in one hand when I speak, but large enough that I’m not straining my eyes to read it. This past December, I received one for Christmas from a friend–the perfect size and fit. I was so excited. Right there …

How To Have the Most Fun at GYC

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Or at least, my take on it. When I first started coming to GYC, I would remember every message, every speaker, and every conviction felt during each session. I would even remember who sang which special music for which evening. I learned so many new things, heard so many fresh thoughts that I had never heard before. My hungry and ignorant …

What to Pray For – Justin McNeilus

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No question, this is one of the most exciting times for GYC: our first overseas convention. There’s so much happening, from so many different angles, that sometimes it’s hard to know even where to begin to ask for prayer. But that is what I am asking you to do: pray for our meeting in Austria.  We are asking everyone to pray …

GYC 2011 Recording List

List of GYC 2011 Recordings

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To kick off the month of March, we want to encourage you to explore the audio and video resources from GYC 2011! For ease of accessibility, we’ve made a master list of the recordings from GYC 2011 so that you can find all of the main sessions, seminars, and totalCHURCH sessions on one page. We think you’ll find this resource …

GYC 2011

It’s Not Too Late To Come to GYC!

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At the close of online registration, 4,782 people had registered for this year’s conference. That’s the most ever in the history of GYC. Included in this number are 180 attendees from outside of North America, representing at least 68 countries. Volunteers have already arrived on site in Houston. The main auditorium is already ready for the first meeting to begin …

Here I Am Jesus, Send Me

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Here I am Lord, send me. It sounds cliché when it comes to speaking about mission trips, but it moves my soul when I know that it was the cry of my heart and God answered it so faithfully. There I was on my couch, knowing in a few weeks I was heading to Honduras with the GYC INTERmission board …