Coming Out Ministries New Documentary!

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‘Coming Out’ Ministries has been working on a documentary for the last 3 years. We feel that there are many people who are struggling in a world of sexual confusion and as we have been presenting on all kinds of damage that exists in the world (as we present around internationally) we realize that we are speaking about the ‘sin’ issue.

GYC was the first to have faith in us to actually give a workshop on “The Gay Puzzle” back in Orlando GYC four years ago. We had a meeting with the president at the time who said if we got fifty people to come to the workshop it would have been worth it. But at the time of our workshops we were at maximum capacity of over three hundred people and with many being turned away because we were overflowing! That was a monumental break-through to us and to the organizers of GYC.

The next two years we continued to provide dynamic testimonies and presentations on pre-marital sex, pornography, transgenderism, and how to instruct the church on these issues that are rarely mentioned in Christian circles. GYC has been a beacon to the youth with these and many issues when no one else was willing to address sexuality in and outside of God’s will.

So, on Saturday night at 8pm, we will be presenting the movie, “Journey Interrupted”. We want to encourage you to finish the New Year by watching the documentary and engaging in the question and answer period with all the members of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries and GYC staff. The movie is an hour long and the Q&A will follow immediately in the nearby ballroom to address questions that the movie may have brought up. There is a special surprise addition in the movie that makes the stories more relational and dynamic! It’s a real plot twister and exponentially shows the power of God, the mercy and long suffering of God to permit freedom of choice as the ultimate freedom in serving God.

You have many choices to make during your time at GYC, and if you are wondering how to love those that are caught up in the sexual explosion of homosexuality, bi-sexuality, gender confusion, addiction, pornography, and brokenness, we hope that you will postpone your evening long enough to check out to “Journey Interrupted” and meet the members of ‘Coming Out’ Ministries. Also come and check out our booth where we can talk and offer many products to help understand what is taking the world by storm in open sexuality that ignores Biblical guidelines.


Michael Carducci is a Co-founder of “Coming Out” Ministries.