2017 Conference Schedule

A detailed schedule for this year’s conference will be posted closer to December. The following is a general outline of the conference activities and is subject to change.


Registration check-in opens at 9:00 am typically and closes around the time of the evening meeting. The first activity of the event is the keynote address which begins Wednesday evening around 6:00 pm. There are no other activities before this to allow time for people to arrive, check-in to their hotels, and get through the registration line. Exhibits are open after the evening meeting.


There is an early morning devotional meeting every morning, seminar sessions after breakfast, a plenary meeting around lunchtime, then more seminar sessions with a short break before the evening meeting followed by the exhibit hall being open again.


Weekend only attendees can check-in beginning Friday morning. Friday is outreach day. Outreach training happens in the morning and then everyone loads onto the buses to go on outreach. A sack lunch will be provided free of charge (no meal ticket required) for all those who participate in outreach. All remaining attendees who do not go on outreach will be responsible for their own lunch on Friday as no lunch will be served in the meal hall. After everyone returns from outreach, there is usually time for Sabbath preparations before the evening meeting begins. Non-commercial exhibits are open after the evening meeting.


Sabbath morning there is Sabbath school and a Divine service with other activities planned for the afternoon. Following the evening meeting, the exhibits will be open for the last time.


There is one last early morning devotional on Sunday morning. The conference closes with the final charge which is usually over by 11:00 am or noon.