Exhibitor Guidelines

GYC is not seeking to provide a venue in which every ministry or organization that meets certain minimum criteria can be represented as an exhibitor. Rather, while seeking a reasonable diversity of ministries to be represented, GYC wants all exhibitors to have characteristics that further the goals of GYC. Each exhibitor is selected with the belief that they can positively impact the youth attending the GYC conventions.

In selecting exhibitors for the GYC conference, the following positive ministry attributes are sought after:

Youth Focus

Ministries with a special focus on youth are especially relevant to the attendees of GYC.

Evangelistic/Missions Focus

These clearly promote GYC’s vision of an army of young people taking the everlasting gospel to the entire world.

Training Centers

An army of youth must be rightly trained. Schools and programs with an emphasis in Biblical training & evangelistic training are a high priority as GYC exhibitors.


Ministries that promote the exposition, defense, and promulgation of Biblical truth and the Spirit of Prophecy are important to this truth-centered youth movement.


Ministries that specialize in a certain area or represent a unique approach of ministry or evangelism should be represented.

Church Entities

Wherever consistent with the other principles, official departments or entities of the SDA church should be sought to be represented at GYC, consistent with GYC’s desire to be supportive of the SDA church.