1. Clear your calendar. No, really. God is bringing you to GYC to receive something. Don’t leave without it! Give Him your full attention. Switch off your phone. Ignore your e-mail. Don’t schedule meetings. Lay aside worldly distractions.

2. Leave your cell phone off. There’s time to check your voicemail between sessions. The messages at GYC merit your full attention and laptops, iPads, and cell phones are a big distraction – not just for you, but for everyone around you.

3. Eat. Sleep. Pray. Anyone who’s been to GYC before will agree that it’s an intense few days. You’ll get more from it if you pace yourself: drink plenty of water, eat well at mealtime, get as much sleep as is humanly possible, and most importantly, don’t neglect those quiet moments alone with God.

4. Don’t miss a thing. We know – It’s impossible to attend every breakout session. But it is possible to make it to every morning devotional. Every event in the program is there for a reason and there is a blessing to be had. So resist the temptation to sleep in, sneak back to your room or hang out with friends. You won’t regret it.

5. Talk to strangers. One of the greatest things about GYC is the unity among such a large, diverse group of people. The attendees are just as important to the GYC experience as the presenters. So don’t limit your experience by hiding with your friends. Talking to other attendees is encouraged.

6. Devour the program guide. Read through the program book to find out more about presenters and seminars. Don’t just go to the sessions your friends go to – use the program guide to find what is relevant to you. If a presenter challenges you, talk with them after the session and ask them your questions. All the maps, scheduling and information you need is in the program.

7. Experience the exhibits. Talk with exhibitors and check out their materials – you never know what opportunities God may have for you there!

8. Let us help you. Comfort and convenience are not primary concerns due to the nature of the conference. However, we do have volunteers throughout the convention center – if you have any questions or need any help, let one of our volunteers know and we’ll do our best to assist you.

9. Keep the fire alive. We have some exciting projects and networking opportunities launching this year at GYC. Help keep that fire alive when you return home by participating in these projects and staying in touch with the friends you make at this year’s conference.

10. Plan for next year. Mark your calendar and protect the dates. Make it easy on yourself and plan ahead by registering early for GYC 2014 in Phoenix, AZ.