Registration Rates & Options

Super Early Bird ($30 discount before Feb. 1st)
Full Conference (Wed-Sun) – $135
Weekend (Fri-Sun) – $100

Early Bird ($20 savings from July 1st to Oct. 11th)
Full Conference (Wed-Sun) – $145
Weekend (Fri-Sun) – $100

Standard (from Oct. 12th to Nov. 9th)
Full Conference (Wed-Sun) – $165
Weekend (Fri-Sun) – $100

Late Registration ($40 surcharge beginning Nov. 10th)
Full Conference (Wed-Sun) – $205
Weekend (Fri-Sun) – $100

Online registration will closed for Christmas between the 19th and 25th, and reopen on December 26th.

Onsite registration will be available at Late Registration prices, plus a $30 transaction fee. (Fee waived if registration is completed by personal computer or mobile device.)


Age Categories

Age 0-6: free of charge, parent/legal guardian required
Age 7-13: parent/legal guardian required
Age 14-17: chaperone 21 or older required
Age 18-35
Age 36+: $149 surcharge (unless chaperoning a minor)

International Discount

There is a 50% discount off the registration fee for international attendees coming from outside North America. See full details. This discount will not be applied if an international attendee registers in a group.

Group Discounts

Register 1-4 regular price
Register 5-9, 2% off total ticket price
Register 10-14, 5% off total ticket price
Register 15-19, 7% off total ticket price
Register 20-29, 10% off total ticket price
Register 30-40, 12% off total ticket price
**International attendees should not register in a group if they wish to receive the International discount.


Meal Plans

Full (7 meals: Thursday breakfast – Sunday breakfast) – $80
Weekend (5 meals: Friday breakfast – Sunday breakfast) – $60

Choose your own meals
Individual Breakfast: $12
Individual Lunch: $14



Hilton Americas–Houston

Room rate: $108 per room, per night, plus tax (up to 4 occupants per room)

Attendees must find their own roommates and may fill rooms at their discretion, up to 4 occupants per room. One individual is responsible to reserve the room and can personally divide the room costs between the roommates and collect reimbursement from them. GYC cannot accept partial room payments.



1 booth space $359
2 booth spaces $659
3 booth spaces $859
4 booth spaces $1,009
5 booth spaces $1,159

End-Cap-Space upgrade $250.
Only available to those purchasing 2 or more booth spaces. Limited availability.

For questions, please contact