Plenary Speakers:

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Ted Wilson


Ted N.C. Wilson was elected as president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church in 2010. Elder Wilson began his church career as a pastor in the Greater New York Conference, and went on to serve in various capacities around the USA and the world, including Africa and Russia. He is married to Nancy and together they have 3 married daughters and 10 grandchildren.

Moise Ratsara

Keynote Plenary

Randy Skeete

Morning Plenaries

Randy Skeete is a graduate of Oakwood College and of the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. He served as a self-supporting pastor in the Lake Region Conference, and for 12 years was a part of the Campus Ministries team of the Michigan Conference. He currently has a supportive ministry of international evangelism that focuses chiefly on Southeast Asia and Africa.

Jason Sliger

Evening Plenaries

Jason Sliger currently serves as a church pastor in the Michigan Conference. He was born and raised in Ohio, but spent his teenage years in England. During a mission trip to the Philippines, Jason felt the Lord’s call to ministry, eventually leading to his evangelistic efforts across the United States and his work with Amazing Facts. Today, he enjoys life with his wife Midori, and their three children Evangeline, Christian and Verity.

Alex Niculaescu


Alex has been an Adventist and missionary for the past 10 years. He has a degree in anthropology and history and has traveled extensively for mission and exploration. He became deeply interested in discovering about modern-day slavery after a life changing experience while working in South Sudan. Since then, Alex has worked against slavery on the frontline, and is a firm believer in the power of prayer.

John Bradshaw

Divine Service

John Bradshaw is the speaker/director of It Is Written, an international media evangelism ministry. After working as a radio personality in his home country of New Zealand, his direction changed and he began a life in ministry. John's clear grasp of the Bible and his warm presentation style has blessed thousands of people around the world. John is married to Melissa and they have two children.

Chad Kreuzer

Final Charge

Chad Kreuzer is the director of Anchor Point Films—an organization that engages with archaeologists, theologians, scholars, and historians to produce the "Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series." Chad and his wife Fadia have traveled the world for the past 15 years, sharing seminars on the Bible, health, and helping people find power to overcome destructive habits and addictions.


Seminar Speakers:

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Amanda Anguish


From Shame to Glory

Amanda believes that working with minds is truly "the nicest work in which men ever engaged." In her therapy practice at Beautiful Minds Medical, she enjoys sharing the good news of "choice and free will" in the way we believe, think, and practice self-talk.

Candis Braxton


Advising Love:
From Attraction to Anniversaries

This seminar will explore love’s development from its infant stages of attraction, dating, and courtship, through engagement and marriage, onto parenting and family life.

Chad Kreuzer


Creation and Evolution -
Which Faith Will You Choose?

Chad Kreuzer is the director of Anchor Point Films—an organization that engages with many professionals to produce the "Scripture Mysteries Documentary Series." Chad and his wife Fadia have traveled the world, sharing seminars on the Bible, health and help for overcoming addictions.

Chester Clark


The Power of God's Word

Pastor Chester Van Clark III is pastor of the Dalton, Georgia Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Clark has spent the last 22 years in ministry, serving as a pastor, administrator, evangelist, and teacher. He has a passion for evangelism and young people, and enjoys traveling, aviation and spending time with his wife, Jane.

Chantal Klingbeil


Meeting the Prophet

Chantal was born and raised in South Africa. She currently serves as an Associate Director of the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Chantal has earned an M.Phil. degree in linguistics and over the past 20 years has served as mother, author, teacher, university professor, and TV host.

David Kim


Mission Possible!

David is an Adventist business executive. After earning his MBA from Stanford University, he built a career in business strategy as a management consultant and is now a senior executive at a global financial services company. David has been a speaker for many groups, including GYC, the General Conference and CAMPUS.

David Shin


Sanctuary under Siege

Pastor David Shin is the pastor of the Hillside O'Malley Church in Anchorage, Alaska, and has a passion for young people to have a biblical faith in these last days.

Eric Wilson


The Dragon Revealed -
Martial Arts, Mysticism & The Coming Last Great Deception!

Eric began training in the martial arts at the age of 14. Over the next 24 years, he received black belt and instructor certification in 7 styles of the combative arts. He also has a background in natural medicine. In 2008, Eric began sharing his story through Isaiah Ministries.

Ganoune Diop


Coexist -
Understanding World Religions

Dr Ganoune Diop is the Director of the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department for the SDA Church and the Secretary General of the International Religious Liberty Association. Dr Diop works to foster mutual understanding between Christian faith traditions and other world religions and philosophies.

Ingo Sorke


"Search Me, O God" -
The Investigative Judgment in Daniel and Revelation

German born, Ingo first encountered Seventh-day Adventists as an exchange student in the USA. He has since studied theology in both Germany and the USA and has pastored several churches in Texas. He currently teaches at Southwestern Adventist University.

Janice Watson


For Women Only:
Living a Life of Significance

Dr Watson has had the privilege of preaching and speaking to audiences on four continents. After more than 20 years at Andrews University, she moved to Oakwood University, where she currently serves as Associate Professor of Communication, training a new generation of thinkers and speakers.

Jared Thurmon


The Digital Revolution

Jared has a passion for innovation and creativity. He is currently serving as the Strategic Partnerships Liaison for the Adventist Review. Jared has a passion for health, has authored several books and co-founded Press Together (a chain of juice bars based in Atlanta) and The New Life Challenge (a health and wellness company).

Jay Rosario


¡Orden en la Sala!: Descubriendo el Amor de Dios en el Juicio

La enseñanza del juicio hoy día es muy mal entendido. En este seminario descubrirás las buenas nuevas del juicio y como podemos tener esperanza en el día final.

John Baxter


Mission Possible!

While working as an international banker in New York City, John became enslaved to drugs and alcohol. Then he met Jesus and everything changed. He quit banking and served with Van Ministries, before spending 10 years as a missionary to India. Now, John helps to mobilize young people for service with Adventist Frontier Missions.

Kameron DeVasher


Total Member Involvement

Kameron DeVasher is an ordained minister serving the Lord in Kalamazoo, Michigan as a pastor in the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He and his wife, Emilie, are the proud parents of three young children; 6 year-old Henry, 4 year-old Edward, and 1 year-old Molly.

Kamil Metz


Mission Possible!

Kamil Metz, a native of the Czech Republic, serves as director of Literature Ministries for the Michigan Conference. He also serves as the GLOW International coordinator.

Mark Howard


Soulwinning 201: The Next Level

Pastor Mark Howard is an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He currently serves as senior pastor of the Cedar Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church, as well as director of the Emmanuel Institute. Pastor Howard is known for his clear, compelling presentations and his commitment to the Adventist Message.

Melody Mason


Above and Beyond:
Keys to Personal Revival and a Lifestyle of Vibrant Living in Christ!

Melody Mason is passionate about Jesus and about helping people develop a deep, vibrant walk with Him. Currently she works with the General Conference's prayer ministries and helps with resource development for its Revival and Reformation initiatives.

Naomi Jackson


Mission Possible!

God used Naomi’s European travels to lead her into ministry. After working 4 years in education and public relations for VIDA Internacional, Naomi relocated to Tennessee, where she currently serves as the communication director for Outpost Centers International, a family of more than 110 supporting ministries across several countries.

Alanna Knapp


Mission Possible!

Alanna has a deep love for ministering to students and faculty at Public Universities. She currently serves at a high school English Teacher at Battle Creek Academy. Previous to teaching, she served the Youth Department of the Michigan conference for three years, and served for twelve years in many roles for C.A.M.P.U.S.

Sebastien Braxton


Advising Love:
From Attraction to Anniversaries

Sebastien is one of the founders of R3 Inc., an Adventist think tank that seeks to combine biblically innovative approaches to spiritual awakening with traditional forms of evangelism. He is the former program director for CAMPUS, and the founder of STRIDE, both campus ministry training programs.

Shawn Craig


Mission Possible!

Shawn Craig has been working as a missionary since he was 18, training churches how to do Health Evangelism. In 2008, he started working with the Lay Institute for Global Health Training as a missionary teacher in over 20 countries. He currently works as the Chief of Staff for the Presiding Officer of the Board of Commissioners in DeKalb County.

Ted Wilson


Total Member Involvement

Ted N.C. Wilson was elected as president of the Seventh-day Adventist world church in 2010. Elder Wilson began his church career as a pastor in the Greater New York Conference, and went on to serve in various capacities around the USA and the world, including Africa and Russia. He is married to Nancy.

Vicki Griffin


Living Free:
Building a Better Brain, Body, and Habits – for Good!

Vicki is the Director of Lifestyle Matters and the Director of Health Ministries for the Michigan Conference. Vicki has authored numerous books and materials for health education. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the American College of Nutrition.

Full Seminar Information:

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Based on Ephesians 3:20, this seminar will challenge and boost your faith, as Melody talks about how to take your relationship with God to the next level and go from being a spiritual dwarf to being a spiritual giant. Topics to be covered throughout this seminar will include: personal and corporate revival, how to prepare to receive the Latter Rain, praying effective prayers based on the Word of God, victory in daily life, knowing God’s will, understanding the gift of the Cross, and much more. Throughout Melody’s seminar, she will be sharing inspiring testimonies and personal stories, as well as many practical tools and keys to growing your walk with God. Come prepared to be energized and refreshed!

Speaker: Melody Mason

1. Above & Beyond Living and Praying
Daring to ask for more in life and prayer, and the call to become a spiritual giant! Jer. 33:3

2. Above & Beyond Humility at the Foot of the Cross
Righteousness by faith, and grasping hold of a gospel that will change your life!

3. Growing an Above and Beyond Devotional Life
How to have a fulfilling and vibrant devotional life, walking daily with God, learning to pray God’s Word in faith, and how to experience personal victory.

4. Above and Beyond Adventures in Prayer
Following the example of Christ in intercession, recognizing the power of the Word, and the power of personal and corporate prayer

5. Developing an Above and Beyond Faith, Even When God is Silent!
How to grow a faith that will last through the storms, and endure to the end. How to hold on even when your dreams die, and your heart is broken. (For those who haven’t yet experienced the romantic love relationship they’ve hoped for, this seminar will encourage you to hold on and trust God!)

6. Called to Above and Beyond Surrender
How to prepare for the Latter Rain, and be faithful even in the daily details of life, for God’s honor and glory!

Some believe that love is blind. Even if this is so, then like any other blind soul, love would need guidance and someone that can see. This seminar will explore love’s development from its infant stages of attraction, dating, and courtship, through engagement and marriage, onto parenting and family life. Expect biblical, vulnerable, practical, and heartfelt answers to some of the most critical questions at every phase.

Speakers: Sebastien and Candis Braxton

1. Advising Love’s Beginning: Attraction & Dating
This first session is about dealing with struggles of attraction, interest, and liking someone. How do we manage attraction? What if I like someone who’s not good for me emotionally or spiritually? How do we lay a good foundation?

2. Advising Love’s Growth: A Holy vs. An Unholy Courtship
This session we explore love’s journey in courtship. We will discover in complete transparency the signs of an unholy courtship and how to build and maintain a holy courtship. We will answer questions like: where did the concept of courtship come from? How do we set up physical boundaries and what if we violate them? How do we know when to end the courtship? Who should we include in our relationship for advice and counsel? And much more!

3. Advising Love’s Commitment: Engagement and Wedding
One of the most dangerous parts of love’s journey is the engagement and wedding. It may seem as if all is downhill from the proposal and acceptance, but in fact it is all uphill from here. We will answer questions like: Should we go forward no matter what? What happens if we are physically intimate during this time? How do we find godly pre-marital counseling? And much more!

4. Advising Love’s Experience: Married Life
Social media can be deceiving in how married life is presented. Love’s experience is not just romance, date nights, missions and vacations, but also awkwardness, conflicts, misunderstandings , and moments of loneliness. We will answer questions like: How do we continue our courtship well into our marriage? How do we engage in physical intimacy biblically and openly? What are some tactics for managing conflict? What if he/she breaks my trust through infidelity or inappropriate relationships? How do we build spiritual intimacy?

5. Advising Love’s Giving: Parenting and Family Life
There is a joy in loving each other, but an entirely different, unique joy in loving others together, especially our children. This session we will explore family life and parenting. How do we build a Christ-centered and biblical home? What guidelines should we use in the discipline of our children? How can our family engage the world outside? How do we divide the responsibilities between us? How and when should we reach out for help?

6. Advising Love Today: Trends and Practical Considerations (Q&A)
This session we will discover some modern trends in relationships due to changes in science, technology, and social media. We will also explore some practical considerations for the future. We will end with a 30- minute Q&A session.

These sessions will provide participants with an in-depth and practical understanding of the main world faiths or beliefs. Each one of the sessions will teach participants to relate to and witness to their neighbors and colleagues in an informed, intelligent and spiritual way. In the process, it clarifies the depth, uniqueness and distinctive features of the Christian faith Seventh-day Adventists are called to contribute to and restore, in preparation of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Speaker: Ganoune Diop

1. Biblical Christian Covenant

2. Islam

3. Hinduism/Buddhism/Confucianism/Daoism

4. Traditional Religions and Beliefs

5. Contemporary Secular and Post-Secular Worldviews

6. God’s Revealed Insights into our World of Religions and Beliefs

Darwin claimed that he had murdered God. Is this actually true? Is science antithetical to faith? In this seminar, we will look at how to have a reasonable, logical and compelling faith.

Speaker: Chad Kreuzer

Session 1 – Thinking Skeptics and Ignorant Christians
Often this is the perspective of the world. Is this reality? Are we to shut our eyes to science and focus on faith? In this seminar, we will lay the foundations for a reasonable faith.

Session 2 – Did Darwin Murder God?
Darwin claimed he had murdered God. In this message, we will look at compelling evidence that counteracts Darwin’s assertion. We also discover that the theory of evolution is a faith-based initiative.

Session 3 – What About Ape-Men?
Haven’t we already proven that man evolved from an ape-like creature? Can we harmonize this with Scripture? In this session, we look at some of the great errors, misconceptions, and fraud in the origins of humanity.

Session 4 – Age of The Earth
How solid are the dating methods? Doesn’t the Grand Canyon prove that the earth is at least millions of years old? Find out answers to these important questions.

Session 5 – Textbook Deceptions
Here we look at some of the greatest proofs in favor of evolution. We then look at how secular scientists reveal the errors of these icons of evolution. This session helps in finding answers to what you hear in school.

Session 6 – Is Evolution a Detriment to Health and Science?
There are two great stories of origins. Those who have held to the biblical view have enhanced longevity, health, and happiness. Should we get back to a biblical foundation?

This 6 part series provides a biblical perspective on some of the critical issues that Christian young
women face today: our identity, our definitions of beauty, our purity in an age where soft porn is a cultural norm, the challenges and joys of singleness, and our call to live lives of loving significance.

Speaker: Janice Watson

1. Significantly His

2. Significantly Beautiful

3. Startlingly Clean in a Grimy World

4. Leading Significantly

5. Single and Significant?

6. Significance that Lasts

Christ came from glory to shame for us and He made a way for us to go from shame to glory. This series will show you how to have the mind of Christ.

Speaker: Amanda Anguish

1. Steps to Christ-like Thinking
Ever wonder why you feel and act the way you do? Wish you could feel and act better so you can focus on your God-given purpose in life? This will show you how!

2. Cognitive Conflict of the Ages
Did you know there are lies we often tell ourselves that actually pull us further from God and our God-given purpose? Together, we’ll put those lies against the truth.

3. The Ministry of Healing the Mind
Do you wish you could just stop yourself from the negativity that fights for space in your head? In this session, we’ll pull out all the stops to stop the insanity.

4. Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing
Our last session in the series will specifically help us think from a higher place…a place with a holy perspective.

5. The Gift of Guilt and Shame
There’s a difference between guilt and shame. And how we see ourselves shows a lot about how we see God. Let’s put guilt and shame in their right place!

6. Christ-ians: Persecution and Pain
As Christians, we are promised pain and persecution. Does that freak you out? If you’re scared, no need to be, and I’ll show you why!

The Living Free workshop will enhance your understanding of cutting-edge science on the mind/body/spirit connection in health and disease. Discover how to build hope, balance, practicality, and a proper theology of suffering into your presentations. You will learn vital organizational and team-building skills, and how to use the Balanced Living soul-winning health series in evangelistic meetings or health events to create trust and friendship, gain decisions for Christ, and draw people to full-message meetings.

Speaker: Vicki Griffin

1. How Urgent is This Message?
Just how urgent is the message of biblical living, and how can we gain power in our lives and traction in the areas that bog us down? A look at the big picture, the big plan, and the even bigger promises.

2. God’s Peace Plan
God wants us to have abiding peace in the physical, mental, and spiritual realm. How can we secure it and maintain it in the midst of trouble, turmoil, and temptation? Learn how to adopt and incorporate God’s principles of peace into your life—for good!

3. Mindset Matters
Mindset has more to do with achieving and maintaining long-term success in personal goals and staying committed to important priorities. Learn the difference between the “fixed” versus “learning” mindset, and how you can develop the mental mettle to gain strength and strategies for success in the face of your greatest challenges.

4. Making Health Practical
This seminar on practical living will help you add pizzazz to your programming, fun to your outreach, and engage your team, church, and community, using methods that add value, vision, and motivation to learning new habits.

5. Leaders Lighting The Way
This seminar takes a biblical look at lessons in leadership, including the cost of leadership, the five laws of leadership, snapshots of leadership, and the results of leadership. Your church may be trained in many areas, but it takes insightful leadership to get things going.

6. Principles of Health – A Call to Balance
When people know that we are sound in our health teachings they will trust that we are sound in other biblical doctrines. In this session, we will explore the basic principles of sound health and theology of suffering. Learn the difference between health education and health communication, and why both are essential. Learn how to educate, motivate, and inspire your team and participants.

This is a practical and interactive 6-unit seminar on the importance and relevance of the Spirit of Prophecy in the twenty-first century. The seminar will introduce participants to the person of Ellen White, best ways of reading her writings, and ways of relating to her and mentoring others to relate to her in a positive way.

Speaker: Chantal Klingbeil

1. Personal Glimpses Into The Life and Times of Ellen G. White
What was Ellen White’s favorite color? What was her favorite dessert? What did she do for fun? Was she someone that you would have liked to be friends with? In this introductory seminar, we will read diary excerpts, personal letters and hear first-person accounts of those who knew Ellen White the person. Be prepared to be surprised!

2. Visions, Inspiration and The Bible
Why do I need Ellen White’s writings if I have the Bible? What does inspiration mean? Are Ellen’s White’s writings as inspired as the Bible? What was is like to have a vision? In this interactive seminar, we will tackle the big questions. Be ready to be involved!

3. For Here And Now
How relevant are Ellen White’s writings for me? What would I be missing out on if I never read Ellen White? Who should I date? How involved should I be in social and political issues? In this seminar, we will look at the specific areas in life that Ellen White’s writings can give us sound principles and timeless advice. Be ready to be challenged!

4. Reading Ellen White’s Writings in the 21st Century
What book should I begin with? Do I really need to learn to harness a buggy? So can I or can’t I eat eggs? After a brief introduction to the hermeneutics (process of reading), we break into small groups and practice reading and deciphering difficult Ellen White statements. Bring a Bible, your smartphone or another gadget and be prepared to practice active reading!

5. Reading Ellen White’s Writings in the 21st Century …continued
Is it wrong to buy a bicycle? Are taking selfies a sin? Can cosmetics really kill you? Continuing where we left off yesterday we practice finding the relevance of Ellen White statements for modern living. Remember your Bible and be prepared to think – hard!

6. Making the Introductions
How do I introduce Ellen White to someone who is not a Seventh-day Adventist? How do I share my new found love of Ellen White’s writings with older Adventists that are not as enthusiastic? What about kids – how do I get them interested in Ellen White’s books? In this final practical seminar, we look at some of the dos and don’ts of making a good first introduction to Ellen White’s writings. We also look at some of the books, games, and apps that can help. Bring along your experiences and questions!

Speakers: Various

1. Introduction into Literature Ministry – Kamil Metz
Come find out HOW our church’s publishing work started, WHAT we are doing now, and WHY it will continue to the very end. EGW R.E. Publishing Ministries: “From this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that went clear round the world.”

2. Introduction into Health Ministry – Shawn Craig
We are told that “we have come to a time where every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work.” What does this mean practically? Is it that every member should stop what they are doing and become healthcare professionals? Or is it something more simple? In this session we will be taking a look what this every- member-ministry, i.e. health evangelism, looks like in the 21st Century.

3. Introduction into Outpost Ministry – Naomi Jackson
How can we possibly win souls for Christ while living in the middle of nowhere, distanced from the majority of civilization? Together we will discover God’s innovative plan for reaching out to the cities through thriving ministry centers in rural areas. Find out how God could turn your career path into full-time ministry.

4. Introduction into Global Mission/How to be a Missionary – John Baxter
Jesus gave the promise that the gospel will be shared in all the world and then He will return. We see signs all around us that scream that the apocalypse is near, yet there is the one sign that remains to be fulfilled: all have not yet heard. In these meetings you will learn how to prepare to be a missionary – spiritually, intellectually, and chronologically. You will have an opportunity to meet missionaries who have served for a few weeks, a year, and longer. God is calling for young people to go the uttermost parts of the world to hasten the coming of Jesus. Come and see – then go!

5. Introduction into Public Campus Ministry – Alanna Knapp
Four in five Adventist young people attend non-Adventist tertiary institutions but very few know what the Bible and Ellen White has to say about it. Come and get an overdue introduction to the age-old ministry to secular campuses.

6. Introduction into Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-educated Ministry – David Kim
The Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated (“W3s”) are among the most difficult to reach with the Gospel. Yet, the Spirit of Prophecy tells us not only to reach them but to make them our first evangelistic priority. Sharing Christ with this group, however, can feel intimidating and even hopeless. Traditional methods tend not to work well with W3s. There is, however, a way! In this seminar, David, will describe an effective and easy approach to sharing your faith with even the most Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated people in your sphere of influence.

“Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.” In this seminar, we examine crucial contemporary issues that threaten the very foundation of Adventist identity.

Speaker: David Shin

1. The Shaking
Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. A look at pivotal points in Adventist history – when challenges shook the bedrock of Adventism.

2. The Hijacking
An examination of the greatest coup in the history of Christian theology.

3. The Central Pillar
What is it? Is it solid? If you’re Adventist, you’d better know it – your belief system crumbles if you’re wrong.

4. Gospel Wars
Right wing or left wing? Extremist or fanatic? A rediscovery of the holy grail of balanced Christian living.

5. Last Generation Theology
It’s a term that 21st century Adventists are allergic to. How did we get here? A look at the most influential Adventist theologian that nobody has heard of.

6. The Omega Apostasy
Ellen White looked into the future and trembled. What did she see? An examination of the Alpha and Omega apostasy.

An introduction to the Adventist understanding of the Investigative Judgment, with particular consideration to Daniel and Revelation. This Bible study and doctrinal survey will be rich in personal application. By its very nature, it also contains a highly relevant (and urgent) appeal for revival and reformation.

Speaker: Ingo Sorke

Session 1: The Moment of Truth: Investigating the Judgment
What Adventists mean by “Investigative Judgment” – and why it matters.

Session 2: 8:14 and 1844: Defending Daniel’s Details
A Bible study of Daniel’s (and Adventism’s) central prophecy.

Session 3: “Copy That”: The Prophet as End Time Example
While the prophecies are fascinating, Daniel’s personal life quickly emerges as an end time example of stellar integrity and courageous character.

Session 4: “The Hour of His Judgment”: A Study of Revelation 14:6-7
A Bible study of the heart of Revelation: the Three Angels’ Messages. What it means, why it matters.

Session 5: “I Know” – Jesus and Judgment
The Seven Churches of Revelation as case studies of reality.

Session 6: Laodicea: Last Church, Last Chance
An (urgent) Bible study of the last church of Revelation: a pointed appeal before it is too late.

This seminar is for all who would like to see more success in their witnessing attempts. This is not just about witnessing, but being good at it, and by God’s grace enabling you to win someone to Christ in 2017!

Speaker: Mark Howard

1. When Evangelism Doesn’t Work

2. How to Get a Bible Study

3. Which Study Should I Use?

4. How to Give a REALLY GOOD Bible Study

5. How to Lead People to Accept the Truth

6. Keys to Success

Do you know why Jesus used the most popular form of storytelling in His day? In this workshop, we are going to look at the trends and future of technology and digital media. Is technology and digital media hastening or delaying the Second Coming? If you’ve ever been curious about the intersection of faith and technology, this is where you’ll want to be.

Speaker: Jared Thurmon

1. Uber, Space X and Earth 2.0
What is driving so much innovation in the world today? Why has technology become so important in the last few years? Are we going to soon colonize other planets?

2. Kardashian Selfies
Social media is more influential than ever. Is it really all about getting more followers? We’re going to dive in and explore what makes the selfie generation so influential.

3. Pokemon, Great White Sharks and Virtual Reality
Whether it’s Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality, the entire landscape of entertainment is about to change. How do people of faith engage with VR content? Why are Facebook and others pouring billions into this new technology?

4. Mario, the Princess and Bowser
The most famous video game in history has fascinating similarities to the war in the Bible. A hero seeks to rescue a woman from the clutches of the dragon – sound familiar? Join us as we discuss the intrigue of gamification, it’s influence in pop culture and how technology is influencing it all.

5. Are you a Belieber?
Music is one of the most powerful elements in the world. Why are men so audibly driven? Why do women so often sing about love and heartbreak? Join us as we discuss the power of music and why it’s driving so much technology today.

6. Lucifer: Marvel Universe
For 6000 years, Lucifer has been planning for his arrival on the world stage. Though none of us have seen the movie, we do have early access to the trailer. What did Ellen White see coming on the earth? We hear Jesus is coming soon but what about the fallen angel Lucifer? Is Lucifer using technology to prepare us for his arrival?

In this modern age, the line between light and darkness, between good and evil, are constantly being blurred by the media . . . And it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between the spiritual and physical practices which many are now embracing in the world, as well as in the church . . . . And the question is now being asked . . . .

Can these ancient Eastern practices truly be separated from their spiritual roots? And from whom did the founders of these arts receive their inspiration? Does the study of these mystical art forms really lead to a more disciplined way of life, as is being promoted by the media today? Are our children being made better men and women of God, and prepared for eternity through the study and practice of these Eastern philosophies and forms?

Why are we now seeing such a growing influence of Eastern thought and ancient mystical religious exercises within the Christian church today? And are these Eastern philosophies being subtly introduced through the practices of Spiritual Formation and the Emergent Church?

In this powerful new series, we take a closer look at Martial arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Tai-chi and Yoga, examining their practice and teachings in the light of God’s Holy Word. Are these art forms based on mere physical skill and ability, as is so often cited by their proponents? Or is there something darker and more deceptive working behind the scenes?

In a world growing ever closer to our final destiny, and the second coming (return) of the Son of Almighty God, we have been foretold of the coming of a last great deception, and the role which spiritualism will play in this final generation; to stand or fall in the battle of that great day . . . !

Speaker: Eric Wilson

1. The Serpent’s Whisper – Spiritualism in Our Modern World!

2. Not Against Flesh and Blood…

3. Possession – and the Throne of the Heart?

4. Yoga, Tai-chi and Eastern Mysticism – the Roots of the Tree?

5. Spiritual Formation – the Omega of a Most Startling Nature?

6. Stones of Fire – the Mystery of God Unveiled!

We all believe the Bible, don’t we? So why do Christians – and even Adventists – have so many differences? At times the answer points us to our understanding of inspiration and revelation, and the approach that we take to interpreting scripture. This seminar will explore how you can be confident and effective in your study of the Bible.

Speaker: Chester Clark

1. Power in the Word
The Word of God has incredible power to change lives. Tap into that power by learning how to properly understand and study the Bible!

2. The Nature of Revelation and Inspiration
How you understand this topic will dramatically influence how you study and understand God’s Word – and the authority it will hold in your life!

3. A Brief History of Biblical Interpretation
Learning from the past often brings the present into clearer focus! In this seminar, we explore how Christian thought has often swung between pendulums of biblical interpretation – and we will be better equipped to recognize the extremes.

4. Letting the Word Speak
Don’t get lost in the theory! Learn practical pointers for interpreting scripture and applying it to your life.

5. Understanding Prophecy
We can’t, in one seminar, cover all of Daniel and Revelation and other end-time prophecies. But we can learn several clear, simple principles and guidelines that will protect you from 95% of the deceptive and often sensational misinterpretations!

6. Power in Personal Bible Study
Helpful hints to help you get the most out of your devotional life – or start one!

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is not just another Christian denomination—it is a prophetic movement raised up by God to give the Three Angels’ Messages to the world. In this great work, Christ enlists every church member as a missionary working for the salvation of souls. This seminar will explain the principles of Total Member Involvement and challenge you to greater dedication in personal ministry.

Speaker: Kameron DeVasher, Ted Wilson

1. Total Member Involvement
In 2015 the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists launched a bold outreach initiative called “Total Member Involvement.” This seminar session, presented by Elder Ted Wilson, will explore the roots and objectives of TMI and share exciting stories of how God is using the efforts of consecrated lay members to finish His work in this generation.

2. Ask the President! (Q & A with Elder Ted Wilson)
This session, moderated by Pastor Kameron DeVasher, will be an opportunity to hear the president of the General Conference answer questions submitted by GYC attendees.

3. It’s Time To Eat Grandpa
In its early years, the Seventh-day Adventist Church grew exceedingly fast and in many areas of the world such growth continues today. This session will explore one of the main reasons why church growth has slowed in some places and demonstrate the need for every member to be a missionary for Jesus Christ.

4. The Ministry That Died And Nobody Noticed
There was a time in the Seventh-day Adventist Church when every member was expected to be actively engaged in missionary activity, personally winning souls to Christ. This session will examine what happened to Personal Ministries and how you can help revive this vital aspect of local church life.

5. Mining The Manual
One of the most member-empowering documents in the Seventh-day Adventist Church today is the church manual. This session will explore some of the hidden gems in the SDA Church Manual and encourage attendees not to re-invent the wheel, but to simply learn to drive the car we already have!

6. Moving The Ship
In Christian Service, p. 59 we are counseled that, “Many would be willing to work if they were taught how to begin.” This final session will highlight some of the fundamental ways individual members can influence their church family to focus on the privilege and responsibility of sharing the Three Angels’ Messages with the world.

La enseñanza del juicio hoy día es muy mal entendido. También a menudo se ha presentado como algo muy oscuro, temeroso, y frío. En este seminario descubrirás las buenas nuevas del juicio y como podemos tener esperanza en el día final. ¡No se lo pierda!

Jay Rosario

1. ¡Orden en la Sala!: Los Juzgadores del Juicio

2. ¿Yo tengo esperanza en el Juicio?

3. Descubriendo Esperanza en el Santuario

4. Investigando al Juicio Investigador

5. El Dios Juzgado

6. ¡No Culpable!: El Movimiento Apocalíptico Vindicado