Plenary Speakers

Moise Ratsara – Keynote

Michael Goetz – Morning Devotionals

Steven Conway – Evening Devotionals

TBA – Sabbath School

Gary Blanchard – Divine Service

Tara Vang – Sabbath Afternoon Plenary

Taj Pacleb – Final Charge

Conference Schedule

Seminar Speakers

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Gary Blanchard
Anthony Bosman
Pastor Arthur & Dr. Esmie Branner
Gem Castor
Dean Cullinane
Sikhu Daco
Andy Im
Ronald Paul Kelly Jr.
Melody Mason
Dr. Norman McNulty
Taj Pacleb
Dan Serns
Dr. Randy J. Siebold
Damon Snead
Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel
More to come…

Michael Hasel, Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology at the School of Religion, Southern Adventist University and Director of the Institute of Archaeology and Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum

Giselle Hasel, Associate Professor of Art History at the School of Visual Art and Design, Southern Adventist University and coordinator of the John C. Williams Gallery of Art

Synopsis: Was the Reformation started over 500 years ago just a misunderstanding? This seminar will identify, through the written word and art, the key pillars of the Reformation and the modern rise of the Papacy.

Clifford Goldstein, Adult Sabbath School Director, General Conference

Synopsis: We look at the great meta-myth of our time, which is that ‘because it’s science, it must be true.’  This seminar exposes that fallacy, especially in the context of the creation-evolution debate which is so central to the Three Angels’ Messages.

Homer Trecartin, Director of the Global Mission Centers, General Conference

Rick McEdward, President, Middle East and North Africa Union

Undercover Tentmakers

Synopsis: Can you serve God in restricted access countries where it is illegal to openly share the gospel? Yes! Learn how you can become a “Tentmaker” to help speed the gospel to unreached, challenging areas like the Middle East and North Africa.

Wes Peppers, Personal Ministries Director, Michigan Conference

Synopsis: In a culture where competitive sports reign supreme, are they just innocent fun that build character, or do they play a more significant role in the Great Controversy? Discover what the Bible says about how God’s people should relate in a world of competition.

Sean Nebblett, Pathway of Promise

Natasha Dysinger, Pathway of Promise

Synopsis: What do David and Jonathan, Mary Magdalene, and John the Beloved have in common? A legacy of devotion so deep it came to define their very lives. Come learn how to put  “devotion” back in “devotions.” Plus: decoding difficult passages the fun way, recognizing error, living triumphantly, and much more.

Alistair Huong, Executive Director, AudioVerse

Synopsis: Money is something we all deal with, but yet is such a taboo subject.  How can I get financially fit? Is having insurance being faithless? How do I invest, pay off my debts, and save more money?  Come find out with biblical principles and practical tips.

Chad and Fadia Kreuzer, Anchor Point Films

Synopsis: In the Bible and SOP we have been given scientific information spanning hundreds to thousands of years ahead. Learn about the gut-brain connection in depression recovery and disease reversal as well as evidence for mental and physical benefits of country living, and more.

Pavel Goia, Editor of Ministry Magazine, Associate Secretary Ministerial General Conference

Synopsis: In this seminar you will learn the practical tools on how to succeed as a victorious Christian, learn how to pray with power, and how to be ready for the final crisis of Earth’s history.

Adam Ramdin, Youth Director, North England Conference

Synopsis: History shapes identity, identity defines mission, and a clear mission determines the trajectory of your entire life. Knowing where we come from, why we are here in the present and where we are headed is key to having a clear identity. This workshop will explore the lessons from the past and their relevance for us today.

Mark Finley, Assistant to the President, General Conference

Synopsis: Where is this world headed? Calamity after calamity has devastated city after city. Nuclear proliferation has driven us to the brink of a worldwide disaster. Terrorism runs rampant in our streets. Famine grips nations. What’s next? Explore what the Bible says about last day events and how you can discover hope for today, tomorrow and forever.

GYC Music Committee – William Guthrie, Annie Moretta, Ariel Hinkle, Kaleb Genstler, James Cleveland

Synopsis: Delve into a practical discussion on music ministry. Learn how to use music to share the gospel with the world through local church music, religious concerts, media, and more. “From the first note written to the last song sung, God invites us to share His song with the world.”

David Kim, Co-Founder Nicodemus Society

Cintia Nojima, Management Consultant

Synopsis: The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that reaching the Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated is our first priority, but that they have been neglected by our church because they are the most difficult to reach. Learn practical, proven, and powerful methods to reach this class.

Gary Blanchard, World Youth Director, General Conference

Synopsis: Leadership from the world’s perspective is often contrary to God’s. Learn how to be a leader from some of the Bible greats like Joshua and Moses.

Dee Casper, Evangelism Director, UnScene Media

Jamie Jean Schneider Domm, Digital Strategist, North American Division

Jasper Ivan Iturriaga, Creative director for Lineage Journey/Revelation of Hope ministry

Satan is using all forms of digital media to lead people to destruction. In this seminar we show you how to use it to grow the kingdom for Christ.

E. Douglas Venn, Global Mission, General Conference

Jim Howard, Associate Sabbath School Director, General Conference

Dr. Angeline David, Director, NAD Health Ministries

Synopsis: As endtime believers we have a massive missionary challenge ahead of us. How do we reach the 21st century world with the gospel? How do we reach the cities and the ends of the world? What can you do locally and globally to reach your sphere of influence? This seminar will answer these questions and more.

Jarod Thomas, Ministerial Association, General Conference

Synopsis: Jesus doesn’t have anything good to say when He assesses the condition of His last-day church, but the bad news is coupled with an incredible promise. We will study Jesus’ challenge to us, explore why we struggle with sin, gain a deeper understanding of the Christian walk, and learn how we can live a life of victory in Christ.

Keala Thompson, Pastor, Hawaii

Synopsis: The world has devalued and distorted the godly concept of sex and  sexuality and many Christians live with guilt or are struggling in this area. This practical seminar will provide a safe place to empower you to gain a clear biblical understanding of sexual expression, understand the consequences of wrongful sexual activity, and learn principles for healing and restoration.