Plenary Speakers:

Morning Devotionals

Ranela Kaligithi, Bible Worker, Maryland
Lisa Manzanares, Church Planter/ GYC VP of Evangelism, California
Jonathan Walter, Pastor/GYC VP of Programming
Chantal Kayumba, Nurse/ GYC VP of Service, Windsor, Canada

Evening Devotionals

Chris Holland, It Is Written Canada


Sabbath School – Doug Venn, Global Mission, General Conference
Divine Service – Wes Peppers, Personal Ministries Director, Michigan Conference
Sabbath Plenary – Daniel Fukuda, Youth Rush Japan Project Leader

Sunday Morning Final Charge

Sebastien Braxton, CEO The New Life Challenge

Seminar Speakers:

Jarod Thomas, Ministerial Association, General Conference
Gary Blanchard, World Youth Director, General Conference
Mark Finley, Assistant to the President, General Conference
Adam Ramdin, Youth Director, North England Conference
Clifford Goldstein, Adult Sabbath School Director, General Conference
Natasha Dysinger, Pathway of Promise
Sean Nebblett, Pathway of Promise
Dee Casper, Evangelism Director, UnScene Media
Jamie Jean Schneider Domm, Digital Strategist, North American Division
Jim Howard, Associate Sabbath School Director, General Conference
Dr. Angeline David, Director, NAD Health Ministries
David Kim, Co-Founder Nicodemus Society
Chad and Fadia Kreuzer, Anchor Point Films
Alistair Huong, Executive Director, AudioVerse
Keala Thompson, Pastor, Hawaii
Pavel Goia, Editor of Ministry Magazine, Associate Secretary Ministerial General Conference
Wes Peppers, Personal Ministries Director, Michigan Conference
Doug Venn, Global Mission, General Conference
Cintia Nojima, Management Consultant
Homer Trecartin, Director of the Global Mission Centers, General Conference
Rick McEdward, President, Middle East and North Africa Union
4 Undercover Tentmakers
Jasper Ivan Iturriaga, Creative director for Lineage Journey/Revelation of Hope ministry
Michael Hasel, Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology at the School of Religion, Southern Adventist University and Director of the Institute of Archaeology and Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum
Giselle Hasel, Associate Professor of Art History at the School of Visual Art and Design, Southern Adventist University and coordinator of the John C. Williams Gallery of Art
Music Committee, William Guthrie, Annie Moretta, Ariel Hinkle, Kaleb Genstler, James Cleveland