Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the upcoming 2016 GYC Conference in Houston, Texas. By volunteering your time and skills, you will be a part of making this event a success. Your commitment will mean that you may miss some meetings or other activities occurring during the conference, yet your sacrifice to make your commitment a priority is greatly appreciated. The collaborative service of volunteers like you is a major factor in the success and function of GYC.

We will seek to accommodate your particular interests based on the needs and capacity of each department. Here are the volunteer positions that are available:

Greeting. Greeting people at the main entrance of the main meeting hall and checking to make sure everyone has registered and has a name tag. Requires being at the entrance at least 15 minutes before the meeting begins.

Ushering. Collecting offerings, passing out decision cards or any other material that needs to be distributed in the main meeting hall, assisting with security, etc.

Seminars. Monitor the doors to the seminar rooms, which include closing and guarding the doors if the room has reached seating capacity. Take count of how may people attend each seminar session.

Meals. Directing people in the dining hall. This includes helping keep meal lines organized and seating people in the dining hall.

Audio Recordings. Record seminar sessions. Make sure that assigned presenter(s) has a recording device and is on and functioning properly during their seminar. Deliver recording devices to the audio recording leader.

Interpretation Booth. Assist in distributing headsets to those who need interpretation.

Bus Leading. Lead bus of attendees on door-to-door outreach. Must have Bible work or canvassing experience.

Small Groups. Direct small groups in discussions after evening devotions. Discussion material will be provided.

Networking. Help at the entrance, setting up before, and cleaning up after the networking session.

To volunteer, select the option during registration, or email: volunteers@gycweb.org