Ministries and Diversity Highlighted in GYC Exhibit Hall

This year, over 100 booths are on display. [Photo: Tapo Tsikirai/The GYC Record]

What would GYC be without the exhibit hall? 

Every year, GYC provides a space in the convention center for ministries to share how they are serving Jesus with the attendees. This year, just under 100 booths are on display.

In addition to demonstrating the focus of various ministries, the booths showcase the variety and diversity of people who attend GYC. From the soaps at the Uchee Pines booth to the artwork on display at the Rebrand Prophecy booth, it is interesting to see how so many audiences are being reached by these ministries.

There are also opportunities for educational organizations to recruit. Schools like Walla Walla University, Weimar University, and Pacific Union College, and Andrews University are able to recruit students and showcase their educational experience to GYC’s young audience. 

Exhibitors enjoyed meeting new people and spreading joy. Timothy Kerbs, a student and exhibitor for Walla Walla University, said in regards to his experience as an exhibitor: “Using Gen Z speak, it’s very chill but also can be stressful at times. What makes it most fun is the people. I love asking them how they are doing and making it a fun conversation that they would want to have.”

Attendees, like college freshman Abigail and high school junior Ava, mentioned how they loved how the people running the booths were very friendly and inviting. They also enjoyed the goodies that the different organizations gave out, like water bottles and stickers. Overall, the GYC 2023’s exhibit hall is a buzz of positive energy.

Tapo Tsikirai is a staff writer for The GYC Record.

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