New GYC Executive Committee Members Announced During Evening Plenary Session

The new executive committee was introduced to attendees on December 30 by GYC Boardchairperson Justin McNielus. [Photo: Bruce Fernandez/The GYC Record]

On December 30, 2023, the newly reorganized GYC executive committee was announced during the evening plenary session. 

Vice President for Logistics Kelsey Unruh, a cardiac sonographer based in Florida, will move to the executive secretary position, which Hannah Klingbeil vacated following this year’s convention. Anna Wood, a labor and delivery nurse based in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, will take on the vice president for logistics role. 

Stephen Lee, a marketing professional and business owner based in New Durham, New Hampshire, will serve as the vice president of marketing. The position will be vacated by Kaili Kimbrow following this year’s convention.

From left to right: Kelsey Unruh, Anna Wood, and Stephen Lee. [Photos courtesy of GYC Communication, Anna Wood, and Stephen Lee.]

The remaining incumbents will continue to serve in their respective roles. Andrew Park, a pastor in Michigan, is the president. Joshua Ahn, a teacher in Minnesota, is the general vice president. Allison Toktogulova, a customs broker in Georgia, is the treasurer. Garhett Morgan, a pastor in Michigan, is the vice president for programming. Junior Vertus, also a pastor in Michigan, is the vice president for evangelism.

The GYC executive committee is selected by a nominating committee appointed by the corporation’s board of directors. Each officer serves in two-year terms. The executive committee is responsible for planning each year’s convention and the day-to-day operation of the Rochester, Minnesota-based corporation. More information is available at www.gycweb.org/about-us

According to GYC co-founder and board member Justin Kim, the age range of the committee is 23-34, and the average age of the eight committee members is 28. Two of the officers were born in the 21st century. 

“We want to transform our [Seventh-day Adventist Church] into something so remarkable that nobody’s ever seen it. They have done that, and they have led us, and they will continue to do that,” said Justin McNeilus, GYC board chairperson, while announcing the restructured executive committee. “We don’t want to mistake that this is a human intervention,” he added, prompting the audience not to clap. “God has done all of this. … God has done something through them.”

Samuel Girven is the editor of The GYC Record.

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