GYC Seattle: Day 2

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Acts: the Revolution Continues.

I had been counting down the days until this year’s conference. Now my feet are aching, my throat is sore from talking, my mind is tired from concentrating, but I could not be more refreshed. Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.

Last night, Justin McNeilus summed up GYC in one word: faithfulness. Faithfulness. Faithful to what? You know, I used to think that one had to attend a seminar to receive the “big blessing”, but I have been so blessed by the plenary devotions! This concept of faithfulness has been threaded throughout each session, but a unique twist to each.

This morning, Wes Peppers centered on John the Baptist being the start of the revolution. Though he was not the cause and sustainer, he ushered in the One who was. Pastor Wes showed how John’s love for the people was far greater than his love of their approval. “He loved their souls more than what they thought of him!” was a rebuke to my people-pleasing heart! Furthermore, what really got me was the most well-known verse spoken by John the Baptist, “He must increase, but I must decrease,” (John 3:30). Even though John could’ve taken the glory for himself, he didn’t! Instead, he was faithful to the God he served, even if it meant his time of “fame” was ending.

David Shin spoke this evening on our need for a radical heart transformation for us to love souls the way Jesus does. He recounted testimonies of those about to lose their lives and how their priorities became so clear. If we only had five more minutes to live, what would we do? Where do we really invest our time, our talents, and our hearts? The Lord is clear that we cannot change our own hearts, but we must be willing to let Him change us! Are we willing to be changed? Are we willing to be self-forgetful? Are we willing to be faithful to the great commission and love souls as Jesus does?

There are so many things to enjoy at GYC! There have been great meals, awesome networking times, inspiring messages, and quiet communion with God. As Pastor Ramdin pointed out in the Divine Service, we are privileged to be here–I didn’t see an empty seat in the auditorium!

My prayer for myself and all of us, at GYC or not, is that we become more faithful everyday. I pray we remember that GYC is not a conference, but a movement made up of radically-committed-to-Jesus Seventh-Day Adventists. May He come sooner than soon.

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PS: I soooooo cannot wait for the evangelism tomorrow!