2022 Exhibit Information

This page has necessary information for exhibitors. For other information about the conference, please visit the Participant Information page.

The deadline to apply for an exhibit is

December 12, 2022

Table of Contents

Exhibitor Services

To manage your exhibit, get shipping labels, and learn more about exhibiting at GYC Break Forth please visit Exhibitor Services.

GYC Exhibits Objective

To connect young people with resources which challenge and inspire them to take sacrificial initiative for Christ.

Booth Pricing

Early Bird Package:
$749 (Single)
$1,349 (Double)
$2,399 (Quad)

Standard Package:
$789 (Single)
$1,409 (Double)
$2,479 (Quad)

Late Package:
$869 (Single)
$1,529 (Double)
$2,639 (Quad)

Required Attributes for Applying Exhibits

The following attribute/s must be present in exhibits applying for a booth in the GYC Exhibit Hall or other GYC events:

  1. Youth/Young Professionals: All exhibits should have an emphasis for youth/young professionals.
  2. Personal Discipleship Resources: offer resources for personal spiritual development (books, videos, music)
  3. Mission Opportunity: ministries, businesses, organizations, programs with mission/outreach opportunities (mission trips, canvassing programs, foreign missions, etc.)
  4. Mission Training: schools, ministries, businesses, and organizations that offer training in full-time or part-time mission/outreach activities.

It is GYC’s desire to be supportive of the Seventh-day Adventist church, therefore official departments or entities of the church may exhibit as long as they support the GYC Exhibits Objective.

Applying exhibits must align with the objective of GYC Exhibits and be consistent with the core principles of GYC as stated in the Spirit of GYC.

Exhibit Staff

Each booth package comes with a set number of exhibitor registrations included. The approval email you received contained coupon codes for you and your staff to use when registering.

Single (10×10) – 2 exhibitor badges
Double (10×20) – 3 exhibitor badges
Quad (20×20) – 4 exhibitor badges

Any additional exhibit staff above the number included with your booth package will need to register as regular participants. They are still able to assist you at your booth during show hours, but would not receive an exhibitor badge for access to the exhibit hall during non-show hours.

Minors cannot be exhibitors. Children of exhibitors can enter the Exhibit Hall during non-show hours if accompanied by parental guardians from the exhibit hall entrance. Due to safety procedures, minors will not be allowed on the exhibit floor during move-in and move-out hours.

Shipping Booth Materials to the Conference

After your application was approved, you will receive an email from our decorator company, Exhibitor Services, that includes an exhibitor packet with shipping information and order forms.

Showtime Guidelines

Exhibitors will be held to strict start and stop times dictated by the Exhibit Show Schedule. When Exhibit time is up, all booths must be closed, all transactions complete, and all conversations moved outside the exhibit space. 

Exhibitors who fail to close their exhibit by the time specified in the schedule will be given two warnings during the course of the conference.  Following these two warnings, if the policy is violated again, they will be asked to remove their exhibit from the hall for the remainder of the conference. They will not be refunded their exhibit package fee, but they will be able to attend the conference as participants.

Exhibitor Move-In

Please note the move-in time. Exhibitors are required to move-in during the designated time below. Exhibit move-in is not permitted once the show is open.

All exhibitors must be able to show their specified exhibitor badges before they will be allowed onto the exhibit floor during non-show hours.

Due to safety procedures, no one under the age of 18 will be allowed on the exhibit floor during move-in and move-out hours.

Move-In Time

Tuesday, December 27, 4:30–8:00 pm

Wednesday, December 28, 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Directions to the Loading Dock

The entrance to all docks is on 5th street and Washington. There is a Security guard station that will check in all vehicles.

West 301 dock is on the lower level of the west building. 2 large freight elevators bring all the equipment to the ballroom on the 3rd floor.

Halls ABC have a ramp that all the trucks will use to get to the docks.

Exhibitor Move-Out

All exhibits must be dismantled and all materials removed from the exhibit hall during the designated time below.

Due to safety procedures, aside from small packing, exhibitors will not be permitted to dismantle their exhibits prior to the exhibit hall closing time.

Move-Out Time

Sunday, January 1, 11:00 am–1:00 pm

Exhibit Hall Show Hours

Wednesday: 1:30–6:00 pm; 7:30–9:45 pm

Thursday: 4:45–6:00 pm; 7:30–9:45 pm

Friday: 4:45–6:00 pm; 7:30–9:45 pm

Sabbath: 3:30–6:00 pm; 7:30–9:45 pm

GYC Exhibit Hall Access

Non-Show Hours: All exhibitors must be able to show their specified exhibitor badges before they will be allowed onto the exhibit floor during non-show hours .

Show Hours: Only registered GYC participants are permitted to access the Exhibit Hall. Participants must wear their badge or be able to present them upon request to access the Hall.

Sabbath Exemption: The Exhibit Hall is open to the public during Saturday show hours

Booth Content

GYC Exhibit Management reserves the right to require modification of a display in order to maintain the desired atmosphere of the Exhibit Hall.

Distribution of Literature

The distribution of literature, pamphlets, and other promotional material is limited to the ministry’s booth space and is not permitted at the exhibit hall doors or in other locations throughout the hall.

GYC Exhibit Management reserves the right to remove any literature found in an exhibit that is not supported by the beliefs of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Each ministry will take responsibility for the literature or contents of their exhibit and are not permitted to share or distribute literature from other organizations without the approval of GYC Exhibit Management.

Termination Rights

GYC Exhibition Management reserves the right at any time to terminate the privileges of any exhibiting organization if GYC Exhibit Management determines, in its sole discretion, that the organization is conducting its exhibit in such a fashion that might reflect unfavorably upon GYC. In the event of termination by GYC Exhibit Management, the organization shall promptly remove all equipment and personnel from the exhibit hall. No portion of payments paid or owed to GYC Exhibit Management on account of said exhibit shall be refundable.

Refund Policy

Conference registration fees and exhibit fees are non-refundable. In case of cancellation, the exhibitor should notify GYC, but no refund will be given. For more information, please see our FAQ page.