Formerly and now changed the ministry name into Arise Apparel Co. so that it can reach other Christians as well. I sell shirts online with the purpose of using it as a witnessing tool and also giving a GLOW tract with each purpose…thus reaching non-Adventists. I was approved for a booth for GYC numerous times in the past conferences before. Though it may appear as just another t-shirt vendor, these shirts are more than just something Adventists & Christians could wear, they are a tool with the purpose of witnessing & evangelism. The designs on the shirts I bring for GYC booth is specific for our Adventist themes & doctrines such as the Bible Prophecy Timeline from Daniel, the Sanctuary, The Sabbath truth, Prophecy Beasts from Daniel & Revelation, Missionary designs, etc. They are used to engage in conversation.

Over the years, the testimonies I received back from this ministry effort has lead lots of souls to the Adventist Church movement. This generation wants something beyond mediums such as books, dvds, or literature reading materials. T-shirts has been a very exciting way for these young Adventists to get involved. Shirts are a simple way to reach out to those who you would may have never talked about spiritual interest if there was no reference (the shirt). It’s a easy ‘silent’ witnessing tool to get a conversation going (“what’s that bible timeline on your shirt mean?”). I also used to do custom printing to help other ministries & churches to reach their causes further expand in influencing their efforts. Been honored to print for Advent Hope, regional GYCs, Loma Linda Univeristy, AudioVerse, Weimar Institute, GLOW groups, Youth Rush, and many local Adventist churches. I hope this helps with the details you may need, thank you for your approve and consideration in advance.

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