M.O.R.E.—an acronym for “Moms Organized for Raw Eating” is a movement that organizes mothers to become actively engaged in teaching children the importance of eating “MORE” rainbows. It builds on the firm foundation of the Eight Laws of Health attractively presented through the R.A.I.N.B.O.W.S acronym—“Rest, Activity, In-Control, Nutrition, Believe, Oxygen, Water, Sunshine.” ​ We teach using our beautifully illustrated Eat MORE RAINBOWS activity book. It is filled with lessons on health and natural healing, Christian principles of faith, fun experiments, puzzles, color pages, amazing facts health facts, and living recipes! The emphasis is a positive one rather than over-focusing on bad behaviors. ​ It is our desire to introduce the children to core concepts in developing healthy habits and instruct in practical hands-on culinary skills emphasizing living plant foods with RAINBOWS of color.

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