I have been holding revivals and weeks of prayers in many parts of the world (US, Canada, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Cambodia, HongKong, Mongolia, Thailand, Honduras, England, Romania, Madagascar, Mauritius, La Reunion, etc), as well as teaching (CAMPUS at Ann Arbor, Honduras (VIDA), Romania, SDA Theological Seminary). I also maintain the discipleheart.com website that has more than 700 pages of resources, some of which are also featured on the General Conference Revival and Reformation site. I also do research (did the research on transformation for the White Estate-I collected more than 1,600 pages of quotes, was used for the Encyclopedia of Ellen White’s writings; Godhead- 1,500 pages of quotes, five Bible studies with hundreds of Scriptures that are featured on the GC website). I did a five part series at Michigan Camp Meeting this summer (I have done series there multiple times).

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