SALT Outreach runs a mobile drop-in center for people experiencing homelessness. It is a young adult-let, grassroots, nonprofit organization. We are an ASI member/supporting ministry of the SDA Church. We operate five days a week, serving 100 to 200 people per day, and offering 12 different resources and services. Some of the services/resources we offer are showers, laundry, clothing, hygiene, and haircuts, all through the use of trailers. We also provide storage services, charging stations, mail services, food, case management services, bike repair, and mental health counseling. Since the start of the pandemic we have served 5,000 different people with 250,000 different services and resources. Of that 5,000, we have helped at least 1,050 different people end their homelessness. We also offer spiritual care through two outreach pastors. They offer one on one bible studies, group bible studies, church services at our location for the unsheltered, and their work has led to baptisms.

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