Faithful to the End

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In order to be faithful to the end, we need to first establish where faithfulness begins. What drives us to be driven and true to a calling to the very end and even though we may waiver from time to time, to never give up? It starts small – when we are faithful in going to church, when we are faithful, in our prayer life, faithful in giving tithes and offerings, faithful in our devotions, faithful in doing our jobs, faithful in our schooling. We don’t set out to be faithful to God all of a sudden, it takes time and effort on our part. We begin building our faithfulness to God when we are faithful in the everyday choices and actions of life. But we really cement our devotion to God and being faithful to Him when we stick with maintaining a personal friendship with Him. Why? Because when have a personal connection with God, He is our friend – a person who we want to spend time with and talk to. It’s like growing a garden – it’s not enough to order your seeds, till the ground, add fertilizer and then plant the seeds. You must water, cultivate and inspect your garden daily in order for you to get a harvest at the end of the season. The days become long, the temperatures rise and it may not be the best feeling to be outside sweating and working hard with seemingly no reward in sight. However, we know that at the end of the season we will reap a bountiful harvest.

Think of the parable of the man who had a vineyard and needed laborers to bring in the harvest. This man went out early in the morning at 6AM and brought back men, then again at 9AM, at Noon, at 3PM and he even went out at 5PM – just one hour before the workday ended and brought in the last group of men to help finish the harvest. At the beginning of the day, the owner promised to pay a fair day’s wage of one denarius to each man who worked for him. He never told the rest of the men he hired throughout the day what he would pay them, only that it would be fair according to the work they did. At the end of the day, starting with the last men, he paid each man one denarius no matter if they had worked the whole day or just one hour. He was faithful to his word. Through countless Bible stories, we see God taking care of those that are faithful to Him. God did not create mankind and then just turn His back on us. He provided a garden with plenty to eat, drink and occupy the time of Adam and Eve. After sin, He provided a way for humanity to be redeemed. Just providing a way for us to be redeemed and to spend eternity with Him would have been enough, but He did not stop there. He continues reaching out asking to be our friend, to have a relationship with us, because He wants to provide us with the best He has to offer – which is eternal life. All we have to do is believe He is true to his Word and hold tight to our faith in Him and He will see us through.


Seth Shaffer
Vice President of Communications
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