Focus in Europe

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GYC is more than just a conference: It is a global movement. The Holy Spirit is moving upon the hearts and lives of young people around the world, mobilizing them for ministry. One of the parts of the world where young people are at work for God is Europe. GYC Europe recently held a powerful rally in Romania, and what follows is a report of that rally and GYC Europe’s plans to continue reaching out in Europe:


GYC Europe is focusing on three main areas of ministry: Local rallies, Active missions and the Europe-wide conference. In February of this year we held our first local rally in Stupini, Romania, with the theme “Coming to Christ.” The name we have chosen to give to our local rallies is “Focus.” That name was birthed from the aim of the local rally, which is to focus on the local community where we have been invited. Focus rallies aim to call the local youth to an event where they will be encouraged, inspired and revived. The vision of Focus is for young people to reclaim their Adventist identity and have a missionary mindset to reach out to all in their sphere of influence. The small size of these events also allows the GYC Europe team to connect with the local young people so that rather than merely putting on a program, we are growing and learning together. This allows us to encourage them in their walk not merely from the podium, but in our interaction with them as well.


In Stupini we saw over 300 young people come together to study, pray and fellowship. The program was arranged to provide these opportunities by allowing time for group prayer, workshops, sermons and testimonies. Every evening attendees were seen rushing to their small groups where they discussed specific questions and signed up to implement an evangelism spiral. The evangelistic spiral encourages individuals to follow a commission of evangelism throughout the year, which falls under the ‘Active Missions’ segment of GYC Europe.

During the Sabbath we saw many young people going out on buses to reach out to the local community. Many people in the community responded by requesting personal Bible studies. The following quote comes to mind when thinking of this experience:

“All over the world men and women are looking wistfully to heaven. Prayers and tears and inquiries go up from souls longing for light, for grace, for the Holy Spirit. Many are on the verge of the kingdom, waiting only to be gathered in.” Acts of the Apostles, p.109


As Focus came to an end, hundreds of young people made their way home. Some traveled by train, some by car, and some by plane; but all left with a deeper relationship with Christ.

At every Focus event GYC Europe works with a local team of volunteers who help in the planning and organization of the weekend. This allows us the opportunity to grow our network across Europe while at the same time working effectively in any given culture.

The themes of Focus for the first three years in Europe are: (1) Coming to Christ, (2) Searching the Scriptures, and (3) Moving into Mission. At each event we are emphasizing the importance of being a helping hand to church leadership in the local conference and union.

Our next Focus rally will be taking place in the UK in a town called Leicester. We are looking forward to this and many other opportunities. The work must go on.

Keep up to date with us on our website and our facebook page ‘GYC Europe.’

God bless,

Craig Gooden

President, GYC Europe.

Amen! The  need in Europe is very great, and the work there is challenging. But Mrs White wrote, “I saw that many souls might be saved if the young were were they ought to be, devoted to God and to the truth….” Messages to Young People, p. 206. Praise God for the work that is happening in Europe, and for the young people who are sacrificing their time and effort in order to strengthen the church and save souls for God’s kingdom. Let us keep our brothers and sisters in Europe in our prayers, that God will greatly bless their ministry and work through them to spread the light of the Gospel.