Generation of Youth for Christ Post-Conference Reflection

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Some have described GYC as a conference, while others have classified it more as a movement. The difference between these two is if the impact has lasted throughout the year.  According to the post-conference statistics, it seems that GYC is a year-round movement, not just a once-a-year event.

During outreach in Houston, TX, donations were collected for the cause of helping local refugees.  After the GYC Conference, the donation items collected were sorted into kits and distributed to local refugees families. These refugee kits included 73 cleaning kits, 96 family care kits, and 114 hygiene kits. Additionally, pop-up health clinics conducted short seminars and blood pressure screenings. The majority of the attending refugees hailed from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China. Post-conference work also included canvassing for Bible studies, in which 189 doors yielded 19 new individuals interested in learning about God’s Will for their life.

“I’ve had the opportunity to lead an outreach bus twice, and each time, I was surprised how quickly the time went.  From start to finish, the whole thing was incredibly fast and high energy,” stated Gregory Church, a Community and International Development Major from Andrews University and volunteer Bible study canvasser. “Thankfully, Jesus is already inside each house. He’s been there with them through thick and thin, and has asked you to play a role in the process.”

Alongside the various GYC chapters around the world, the continual development and lasting impact of the outreach programs are what cement GYC as a movement, rather than simply a conference. It is not an authority that points young people towards mission fields. Generation of Youth for Christ is service-minded young people coming together to learn more and serve in the best of their abilities.


Konner Dent