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John mounted, shifted his saddle bags, waved to his family, and wheeling his horse around rode away. He was following God’s call to preach His soon return to an apathetic world. John traveled across the young American countryside, and through him, hundreds found God’s strength waiting for them and peaceful excitement knowing He would take them home soon. He was sixteen.

Annie sat at a worn oak table years older than she was and spun His grace in her heart into song. She wrote passionate words, and she wrote them in an exhilarating time. Many of them were put to music and even appear in our hymnal today. She was in her early teens.

And then there was Ellen. When she was seventeen, frail Ellen saw heaven opened, and an explanation for seemingly unexplainable disappointment. She shared this message of hope in the little church in her town. She continued sharing messages from the Lord for the rest of her life, through the establishment of a new denomination. She was seventeen.

J. N. Loughborough, Annie Smith, and Ellen White were instrumental in founding our church. And they were young people. They were 100% committed to Jesus and sharing His love with the world. They couldn’t even vote, but they were shaking the world at its foundation.

They believed that Jesus would come back in their lifetime, but He didn’t. Now, one hundred and seventy-two years later, it is still up to us to share the truth of redemption with the world. The key to the Adventist church has always been our generation.

It’s still up to us. The world is ending and we can protest crumbling freedom, or we can use these last moments of earth’s history to actually doing the job we’ve been avoiding for years.

This isn’t a time to be popular, it’s a time to stand for truth. The great commission is for us, the millennials. We have been Laodicean far too long, but that very name means “people of the judgment.”

Christ is calling for one more generation of soldiers to lay down their lives for eternal deliverance. Will you commit your life to the advancement of our heavenly kingdom in this, the last generation on earth?


Evan Bates is a student of Christ and His redemption, living in Northern California and North Carolina. He is committed to ministry of the mind, spirit, and body of humanity. He wants to be part of the last generation on earth, and to that end helps run, a voice of truth in a clamoring. His life consists of the outdoors, sharing Jesus through relationships, and writing. His new book Cicada Song will be released in 2017.