Get Ready for Outreach!

Be prepared:

  • Bring Sack Lunches (box lunches will be provided at breakfast on Friday for those with a meal plan)
  • We’ll be using a newly designed Great Controversy
  • GLOW custom made tracks will be used at this conference to promote The Great Controversy
  • Check out where people who we share the GLOW tracks with will be able to request a free copy of The Great Controversy.
  • There will be opportunities to do outreach. More info on this will be coming soon
  • There will be a call center during GYC to follow up outreach contacts with immediate needs
  • You can donate to help with follow up for this outreach event here
  • Training begins Friday at 10 am in the main auditorium!

You can donate to outreach:

  • Please bring coats, underwear and socks to donate to the homeless in the Orlando area. There will be a place to drop off these items near registration.
  • Andrey Sendow

    I was wondering if you could either post or send me the statistics as to how many people were in attendance and the outreach numbers as well, for this year’s GYC, for a local church report.

  • Shail

    Is there anyway possible to get a copy of that copy of the book The Great Controversy?
    I live in the UK I noticed on does not permit anyone outside the US to receive one.

    Please let me know
    I would appreciate a copy 🙂

  • enid

    I would truly appreciate a copy of the Great Controversy as well however I am living in Belize, Central America. I have been sharing your seminars with my brethren and now I am seeking more information to share. Thanks and God bless your ministry.

  • Luke

    Shail and Enid, you can read it online at It’s a great book!