How to Successfully Register a Group

A group registration can include anywhere from 2 people up to 40 people. If you have ever coordinated a large group registration then you know it can be a headache and quickly get tangled up if you’re not careful. So whether this is your first time being a group coordinator or you are just here for a refresher, we have created this step-by-step instruction guide that you can follow to help you navigate it process with the least amount of difficulty.

Step One: Finalize who will be in your group

We recommend gather all the information of who you will be registering before going to the registration site. This will save you getting halfway through and not being able to finish because you don’t know Jane Doe’s date of birth.

Here is what you need from each and every person in your group:

  • First and last name
  • Email address¬†
  • Date of birth
  • Whether they want to purchase the¬†

All the registrations in a group will be for the same ticket type (Full Conference or Weekend Only). You can’t mix ticket types, so if someone in your group is only coming for the weekend, they will need to register separately or in a different group.