Report: World Youth Advisory

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From the inception of GYC back in 2001, our goal has always been to work with the Seventh-day Adventist church at every level and in every way possible. Though not officially part of the church structure, we have always been more than just a supporting ministry; we have been a very supporting ministry. This has been shown by, among other things, the fact that many of our top church leaders, including former General Conference President Jan Paulsen, as well as the current president, Ted Wilson (not to mention a host of others) have spoken at our events.

Thus, we were very happy—and took it as a strong affirmation of our ministry—when GYC was invited to participate in the World Youth Advisory near our nation’s capital in March of this year.  The advisory, which is held once every five years (after each General Conference session), was a meeting with the GC youth directors and all the division youth directors from around the world. And we, from GYC, were there—a strong signal that the church wants to work with us in the common goal of empowering our young people to be on fire for Jesus and for our witness to the world of His Second Coming.

During the advisory, the directors all went out to eat, and Yamil Rosario, Sebastien Braxton, Amy Sheppard, my wife and myself were invited. We had a great meal, and then a two-hour discussion about GYC.  No question, we all came away with a deeper understanding of each other and with intentions of finding ways in which we can all work together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to work with our church in as a whole in proclaiming present truth.

The meeting concluded with the leaders of GYC being surrounded by the division and GC youth directors, who offered a special prayer of dedication and success for us. This was definitely a highlight of my presidency of GYC.

I appreciate the focus of the church youth leadership, their dedication to our mission and message, and their prayerful submission to seeking God’s will in this important work. I was very thankful for the opportunity to be there. As I said, it was a highlight of my presidency at GYC, and the beginning of something that will greatly benefit not only our youth, but our church as a whole.