GYC Beyond: The Podcast

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Several months ago, the idea was born to create something that has never yet been done by GYC. From personal interactions with many of the speakers who present on stage during GYC conference, we recognize the wealth of wisdom, biblical knowledge, and experience that is collectively available. With this in mind, we sat down with various individuals during the Arise conference and recorded our discussions. We are now giving you the opportunity to listen in to these conversations by making them available in a podcast format.

Our first podcast features Shauna Chung in conversation with Lisa Topete as they discuss incorporating evangelism into your life interests and work. In a direct, down-to-earth fashion, Lisa shares how you can get started with outreach, even when you’re not sure how to begin. Scattered throughout are personal stories, advice, and practical ideas that are immediately relevant to anyone seeking to deepen their experience. We have been blessed as we have prepared this podcast and we know you will be too!

01 - Incorporating Evangelism into Your Life - Lisa Topete