GYC in Europe: Day 2

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Grace: Talk about an action filled day! We heard such inspiring messages, had absolutely delicious meals and Livvy, did you hear the results from the outreach today?

Livvy: Yes ma’am! Here are the stats: today, attendees to GYC Europe passed out exactly 7,186 GLOW tracts, 1,284 books—340 of which were The Great Controversy—administered 786 surveys, and had—get this—72 requests for Bible studies. In secular Europe. Ha.

Grace, I know we’re only a day into GYC Europe, but what have been some of your favorite parts of the conference so far?

Grace: It’s kind of hard to say…every part of the conference has been really good, but one thing does stand out to me. I’ve been so inspired and rebuked all at the same time by the young people here attending GYC in Europe. I see so much dedication, sincerity and excitement in everything they are doing.

So what about you Livvy, you mentioned tears…? 🙂

Livvy: O yes. Grace, don’t tell Elder Finley, but I hate it when people tell stories about the Great Disappointment—which is exactly what he did in his message last night! O how evocatively he walked us through October 22, 1844, with an imaginary family, hoping earnestly for the soon return of Jesus. That part is fine, I like the hope; but the devastation that follows is so awful! Because I too so want Jesus to come back. Soon. but it is good to know that I am among friends here; friends who also want to go Home soon.

Grace: That part was really heart wrenching, but in the end we know that Jesus has never lost a battle with Satan yet, and he won’t lose the battle in your life as Pastor Finley mentioned this morning.

I really enjoyed David Asscherick’s evening devotional as well.

Livvy: David Asscherick? Who’s that? 🙂 What did he talk about?

Grace: Ha… I know, right? He led us through the book of Acts with his cool sunglasses and brought out some really key points about the church in Acts and the surprising similarities we see today in our church. We actually see how horrible the church was in Acts, but still God poured out the Holy Spirit and used His church in a mighty way. This is encouraging because while we might be frustrated with the imperfections of our church, we serve a perfect Savior, as David pointed out tonight. It is still God’s church. That drove it home to me tonight. Loved it.

Livvy: Seriously. He nailed so many issues right on the head this evening. Between that message and Jan Cabungcal’s morning devotion and Mark Finley’s second message this morning, GYC Europe attendees have been getting nothing watered down, nothing held back. The Word is being preached in Europe. Don’t miss out! Watch live streaming at