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GYC in Europe: Day 3

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Day three!

Grace: So the seminars started today. Did you go to any, Livvy?

Livvy: I did! I went to a seminar called Small Group Evangelism by Michael Dornbrack.

Grace: Oh, really? Did anything jump out at you during the seminar?

Livvy: Oh yes, it was extremely interesting and highly practical. The presenter explained to us the process  of Christian growth and how small groups can help foster that growth. When I go home I really want to start a discipleship small group, and I really think everyone in that room left convicted to do the same.

Grace: Yeah! Small groups. I like those. I think small groups accomplish what can’t be done in the main hall filled with thousands of people and one person preaching to them.

Oh hey Livvy – do we have any stats to share today? Don’t we have live streaming for GYC in Europe? How many people tuned in?

Livvy: I’m glad you asked, Grace! It seems our highest number so far came from last night’s evening devotional with 482 simultaneous viewers. There were 334 in English, 100 in German, 10 in Spanish, 20 in French, 11 in Romanian and 7 in Hungarian. But to me that’s only almost as exciting as how many countries are represented right here at the conference. 44 in all. Below is a map for your viewing pleasure: (you may have to click on the image to view it larger)

Grace: Wow! I think that’s pretty incredible. This is why I love technology and social media. When used properly it works wonders. Which brings me to my appeal 🙂 – GYC is actually very active on social media: Facebook & Twitter and not to mention all the awesome live streaming that’s been happening over at in 6 different languages. I want to encourage all of you to go spread the word about the live streaming to your family and friends who may be all over the world! We are also live tweeting from the seminars as well. Lots of minute by minute updates! Don’t miss out.