GYC in Europe: Day 5

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Two appeals were made this weekend that will change Europe. Really. Ten years from now, when we’re looking back, we will be able to date ripples to this weekend–to July 23 and 24 to be exact. The first appeal was this: after his final address on Monday evening, David Asscherick made a call specifically to those European attendees who would “commit your destiny to spreading the gospel in Europe.” Hundreds came forward. Hundreds came forward to commit their lives to “God’s capital P, capital L, capital A, capital N.” The second, like it, was given by Sebastien Braxton in the charge on Tuesday, though his was more specific: this call was for anyone who would commit to one year of full time missionary work in Europe. From that call, we have the contact information of 36 young people who answered, Here I am, Lord. Send me. Please pray for Europe. Pray for the young people who answered these calls. Pray that God would not let them forget, that God would not let them loose heart, and that God would let them change the world. We want to go Home.