GYC Seattle: Day 3

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50: Buses

2500: Missionaries

25000+: Flyers passed out

But it was so much more than that.  No amount of numbers or facts can capture the atmosphere of GYC: Seattle.  I can sense the thriving pulse of a new generation preparing, seeking, and flourishing.  I see it in the youthful energy in outreach; I hear it in the voices rising in rousing song, but most importantly I see a true revolution rising.

But there are always challenges.  God never leaves us where we are—He continually works to lift us higher.  That’s what Elder Wes Peppers challenged us to do: to get back to simple, trusting faith, while gently rebuking us for our “Adventist Idol” mentality.  He passionately encouraged us to revive a culture of godliness in our lives—and in our communities, and instead of letting culture define us, we must “Redefine Culture.”

The focus, the purpose, the challenge of GYC is epitomized in outreach.  Today, 2,500 young people redefined our culture’s ideals and spread over 25,000 flyers to one of the most secular cities in North America.  The citizens of Seattle and the surrounding areas were witness to the revolution that began in the hearts of Seventh-day Adventist young people and reaches out to the communities through prayer, feeding of the homeless, and spreading of the gospel.

I had the privilege of speaking to two first-time GYC attendees after their participation in a door to door witnessing opportunity.  When I asked Jason and Josh (Idaho) what they thought of witnessing in a city with icy temperatures and a far greater number of closed doors than I was used to, they replied, “It was fun!”  When asked if they would consider going home and trying it in their hometown, the answer was a resounding, “Yes!”  This is the revolution rising in our midst; this is the spirit of GYC.

And the revolution continues…


GYC News Team