GYC Seattle: Day 3

50: Buses

2500: Missionaries

25000+: Flyers passed out

But it was so much more than that.  No amount of numbers or facts can capture the atmosphere of GYC: Seattle.  I can sense the thriving pulse of a new generation preparing, seeking, and flourishing.  I see it in the youthful energy in outreach; I hear it in the voices rising in rousing song, but most importantly I see a true revolution rising.

But there are always challenges.  God never leaves us where we are—He continually works to lift us higher.  That’s what Elder Wes Peppers challenged us to do: to get back to simple, trusting faith, while gently rebuking us for our “Adventist Idol” mentality.  He passionately encouraged us to revive a culture of godliness in our lives—and in our communities, and instead of letting culture define us, we must “Redefine Culture.”

The focus, the purpose, the challenge of GYC is epitomized in outreach.  Today, 2,500 young people redefined our culture’s ideals and spread over 25,000 flyers to one of the most secular cities in North America.  The citizens of Seattle and the surrounding areas were witness to the revolution that began in the hearts of Seventh-day Adventist young people and reaches out to the communities through prayer, feeding of the homeless, and spreading of the gospel.

I had the privilege of speaking to two first-time GYC attendees after their participation in a door to door witnessing opportunity.  When I asked Jason and Josh (Idaho) what they thought of witnessing in a city with icy temperatures and a far greater number of closed doors than I was used to, they replied, “It was fun!”  When asked if they would consider going home and trying it in their hometown, the answer was a resounding, “Yes!”  This is the revolution rising in our midst; this is the spirit of GYC.

And the revolution continues…


GYC News Team

  • Jillian Maranga

    Praise be to God!

  • Amen!

  • Gloria Charles

    Is there a live stream tonight? Would like to join in from Los Angeles.
    All praise!

  • Tai

    Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

  • Emmanuel

    Praise God!I appreciate you and I will always pray for you.

  • Joy

    I heard of GYC through a friend at church this past sabbath. What a blessing this turned out to be!! Who could offer a better suggestion for starting out the new year? NONE! All praises to Jesus our LORD!!

  • Marcus

    It was so amazing! What a blessing to be at GYC these past few days 🙂

  • Cami Martin

    I’m a native of Seattle: born and raised there and in the surrounding area for 16 years of my life. In the years since I’ve moved to eastern WA and attended college out of the state, I’ve seen how it is indeed a secular city; yet my love and concern for the people has never diminished, but increased. I counted down the years and days until GYC came to Seattle! What a chance for a place that needs God!!
    I was on crutches this year, but I knew I had to go on outreach. And I did. Yes, the response was what I expected- few people home and little interest, but I felt God’s “well done” because He has placed a burden for the lost of my hometown in my heart that compelled me to go give them opportunity to learn of Him! We have started something. We’ll continue to pray earnestly for the seeds planted. And I know I’m taking this fire with me to reach the people around me in my communities at school near Sacramento. GYC confirmed my goal of increased outreach on the Weimar College campus to the communities near us. I’m on board for revolution in young people and in the world!

  • DanielleAmi Harrison

    While standing in the line which snaked through the lobby, we waiting for our bus, and songs of praise to GOD filled the air. Men and women setting at the bar in the restaurant we were outside of stood and watched, pointed and talked. While the excited children of God continued their praises, discussed their task at hand and prayed for His blessing, the bus drivers navigated the tight streets and were inevitably impressed with what they were seeing and hearing. While we walked the chilly streets of this large city, few even answered their door, and most who did turned us away without hearing a word. Yet there were a couple of smiling faces who received our fliers with smiles and thanks.
    We do not know what will come as a result of this afternoon in Seattle. But we Do know that fliers have been dispersed and many seeds have been planted! I am Very Confident that SOMEONE out there will be changed by our efforts in Some way or another!! Praise be to God and His blessings also! Amen! 😀

  • Brittainy

    Outreach was my favorite part of GYC and such a blessing! There was an atmosphere of joy and excitement that can’t be accurately described unless you were there. 🙂 Wes Peppers sermon was hardcore, but God was speaking through him.

  • Ngasaki Daniel

    may the lord continue to bless his work.