An Appeal: GYC Orlando Evangelism Follow-Up

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You may remember the numbers we shared following GYC’s Outreach Day in Orlando on January 3, 2014. In a matter of a few hours, 2,800 GYC attendees:

  • Knocked on 22,622 doors
  • Shared 15,517 GLOW tracts
  • Prayed with 2,089 people
  • Collected 216 bible study requests
  • Distributed 2,238 copies of The Great Controversy on a donation basis

Outreach Day was just the beginning.  SALT (Service and Love Together), a local, Orlando-based ministry, in addition to helping coordinate GYC’s outreach in Orlando , has partnered with GYC to conduct the follow up from the outreach day. SALT’s partnership with GYC has included follow up with contacts made during the outreach, and spreading the word to the Orlando community about an upcoming evangelistic series.  Orlando rarely sees evangelistic series, so hope are high for the outcome of this one!

attendee line for outreach

Photo credit: Adam Jackson

The donations collected from distributing The Great Controversy, after covering the cost of producing the books, are going directly towards SALT’s follow up efforts from this evangelism blitz. Initial calculations suggested that $15,000 would be going back to SALT for the follow up.

But once the dust of the conference settled and final numbers were crunched, it turned out that only $10,000 was left after costs to go towards the follow up efforts.  However, there are still many financial needs associated with conducting the follow up evangelistic series.

The total costs needed to provide thorough follow up in Orlando is $24,500. This amount includes covering the costs of a Bible worker to continue with the efforts for six months, the travel, room, and board expenses for the evangelist, the venue for the 12 night series, Bibles for those who attend the series, health ministry sowing events, and other miscellaneous costs associated with evangelistic series.

man holding a GLOW tract

Photo credit: Adam Jackson

The Florida Conference is providing $9,000 towards this evangelist efforts. Even combining that amount with GYC’s contribution of $10,000, SALT still needs $5,500 to finance the follow up endeavor.

This is where you come in. You can continue to participate in what is happening in Orlando. You can help follow up efforts by donating to SALT. Head on over to SALT’s Indiegogo page and share $1, $5, $10, $20, $100, or more! Whatever you are able to give will help continue the efforts in Orlando.

The series will take place in the late spring, and can take place only if SALT is able to cover its costs. Help us reach this important goal by giving what you can!