Here I Am Jesus, Send Me

Here I am Lord, send me. It sounds cliché when it comes to speaking about mission trips, but it moves my soul when I know that it was the cry of my heart and God answered it so faithfully. There I was on my couch, knowing in a few weeks I was heading to Honduras with the GYC INTERmission board to plan for the upcoming mission trip. I was excited and yet unsure.

“God, I have no money and I am not sure if you called me to go to Honduras. Maybe I led myself. I’m not sure.” As I prayed to the Lord, I claimed a Bible verse from Matthew that says, “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22)

“Jesus, honestly, have me go where You have called. Make it clear, Lord, so that I would follow Your will not my own. I love You and so I’m asking You to please send me where You would have me to go. Here I am Jesus, send me.”

Within 3 hours of praying, as I went to camp meeting and as I was walking, I heard a man call my name. “Diana.” I saw him and it was a pastor I had only met once and did not know well. We spoke and then he asked me what I was doing in August. I informed him I would be gone to Honduras in the middle of the month and could not help with any evangelistic efforts during that time since I could not commit for a full month of Bible work. He then said that was perfect as he was inviting me to preach a series in Honduras that would end a day before the GYC INTERmission meeting. I was blown away. “Wow, Lord, no way! I have not told anyone my plans yet, but You know the plans You have for me!”

He then said that was perfect as he was inviting me to preach a series in Honduras that would end a day before the GYC INTERmission meeting

I skipped and sang out loud on my way to my friends. It was as if Jesus had sent me a love letter and I could not contain telling the world! Not only that, but when I came back from the mission trip He led some of his servants to cover all my costs! Going to Honduras confirmed in my heart how God had not only been moving my heart to help God’s children in Honduras, but that He had called other young Christian soldiers to the same location!

The presence of the Holy Spirit was working so vividly in Suyatal, Honduras that it made me realize that God has been preparing the people of the community to surrender all to Him for some time. The best part is He wants to use you and me to help be guiding lights for them! I challenge you to pray and ask God if He is calling you to Honduras this summer. I am excited to hear how He will answer your prayers as He calls you to join this mission trip that will transform each of us!

  • Alexis

    That’s beautiful! I’m happy for you!

    It’s always amazing when God answer prayers!

    The Bible says, “Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear” (Isaiah 65:24).

    Sounds like that’s what happened to you! 🙂

  • Jenae

    Thank you for this testimony. Very timely. Very encouraging.

  • Rianna

    Praise the Lord! Your story is such a blessing, diana. 🙂 I’m interested with the Honduras mission trip. Where can I find information about it? Thanks and God bless you and all of God’s servants!

  • Diana Lara

    Awesome! You should come with us this August! Here is the link!

  • maricelle

    praise the Lord for what HE does to us and for us! i am so blessed to hear and see about how fellow young people are on fire for the Lord, willing to go forward on His biddings.=) may the Lord continually bless your ministry as you continue to submit yourself to Him.