To The End: Iceland 2019

What if we came together as an army of youth?

What if we went beyond what has ever been attempted before?

What if we prayed for God to work mightily, and expected Him to actually do it?

What if God is calling you … to the end?

The Mission

To reach a country is to reach its people. The goal of this mission is to impact as many Icelandic people as possible! 

Because most of the population (~70%) lives in the capital city of Reykjavik and the surrounding area, we will be focusing on that territory.

We are planning to share thousands of special GLOW-style-tracts through door-to-door work, and in public spaces. We will endeavor to connect with the locals, sharing our hope, through these tracts, our conversations, and by praying for and with them. 

We want to put a special emphasis on prayer in this mission, understanding that a surrendered heart, prayer, and presence, are the most powerful tools in spiritual warfare. In all of this we want to let the Holy Spirit direct everything we do!

There might also be a few other outreach activities in relation to this. The mission will be collaborating with the local conference’s desire to promote Hope Channel Iceland.

The Date

We are planning to have our mission from August 8-18, with a possible add-on of 2-3 days for those who are interested (still to be determined).

The Capacity

Our group size will max out at 50-60 people. So, space is limited! 

The Cost

You will have to cover your own airfare + registration fee for the mission (which covers housing, transportation, and meals for the duration of the mission).

Registration Fee: TBD*

*The registration fee will be between $150/€135 and $500/€450. Exact price will be determined soon and is dependent on external factors.

We are planning to open registration soon!

Are You Coming?

In order to determine how much serious interest the mission has, please follow the link below and answer the 3-question-mini-survey.

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