In Rome

In Rome

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The following is a short email Jeff Marshall (Vice President of Evangelism) sent to the GYC Executive Committee on March 13:

I cant sleep. Im in Rome. I keep thinking about you all, us, GYC, our purpose, our possibilities etc.

My dad and I were standing between the obelisk and St. Peter’s basilica tonight. The crowd seemed to be mostly young people. It was a troubling/defining experience. I kept thinking about Adventism, GYC, the Great Controversy etc. Truth and faithfulness are so important. It’s so vital we keep a laser-like focus on Christ and His calling on our lives.

There will be plenty said and speculated about this new, Jesuit pope. Much of it may be correct; much may not be. That doesn’t matter to me as much as the young people wasting their enthusiasm, joy, direction and worship on a man. What we do is vital. Truth is vital.

I hope we all let God reinspire in us creativity, hard work and camaraderie for this coming year. The day will come when our work is past. We will wish we gave it our all. Our work counts. Your work counts; more than we think.

We left a few minutes before the announcement. It seemed very wrong to stay. People were running down the street to try to be there—mostly young people. We heard the announcement and the crowd cheer.

I wish I had just one Great Controversy with me! We really are “Before Men and Angels.” Let us all be found faithful.

God be with us all as we work together and apart.