Intercede 4 Indianapolis

What if we came together as an army of youth?

What if we encircled an entire city and every center of influence we could find with prayer?

What if we prayed for God to work mightily, and expected Him to actually do it?

This is our aim.

Dates: March 15-22, 2020

(Exact dates are still approximate, the days will fall within this range).

The Mission

To simply pray for the city of Indianapolis in preparation for the work to be done by Pathway to Health, the Indiana and Lake Region Conferences, Lake Union Conference, followed by the GC Session.

The goal of this mission is to prayer walk the entire city (10-20miles a day) and as many smaller areas of influence as possible, claiming it for God to bring revival and renewed interest in God. Indianapolis is home to approximately 870,000 people, and we believe God can do incredible things if we ask.

We want to put a special emphasis on prayer in this mission, understanding that a surrendered heart, prayer, and presence, are the most powerful tools in spiritual warfare. In all of this, we want to let the Holy Spirit direct everything we do!

There may also be a few additional outreach activities in connection with these efforts, such as helping promote some of the initial work to be done through Pathway to Health and subsequent follow-up.



Limited Capacity

Because we want to keep this trip focused, our core group size will max out at about 20 people. So, space is extremely limited! 

*Young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone age 21+. 

Applications will be reviewed and approved during the month of January, after which, there will be a registration fee of $200 to help make the trip happen.

Applications Open 1/3/2020

I'm Interested!